10 Effective Tips For Drain Cleaning: Get Clear of Sewer Blockage At The Earliest

The sewers and drains need to be kept clean and clog free. The sewer pipes and drains can get blocked due to the monsoon rain, but these external pipes can be cleaned with the help of professionals. It is tough to maintain the drains and sewers inside your home. You need professionals to carry on the unblocking of the drain.



In order to unblock drains, here are 10 tips and tricks:

⦁ In the dry sink a cup of baking powder followed by a cup of vinegar needs to be poured. 15-20 mins later, a cup of boiling water needs to be poured in. This helps to unclog the drain. There is a lot of chemical reaction which takes place due to the baking powder as well as vinegar and this causes a lot of effervescence and hissing sounds. However, if the problem persists, then you can also use one cup lemon juice along with the baking powder, and then clean the drain with this solution.

⦁ Chemical drain cleaners are also used to unblock sinks and pipes. These are to be poured directly into the drain and these dissolve the grease and whatever material is there which the cause of the drain blocking is. These also eliminate nasty odors as well as germs in the drain. However, harsh chemicals should not be used often as they may cause erosion of the pipes.

⦁ For kitchen sinks and laundry tubs, hot water needs to be filled in and it should be then allowed to drain. If the water flow is very slow, and if you need to ⦁ call the plumbers, then the best possible way is to use the drain snakes along with a jet stream of cold water to keep the drains clean. This can be done after every two months.



⦁ If roots of plants or trees get into the cracks or fissures in the pipe due to the attraction of the water as well as nutrients which are found in the drain, these grow rapidly thicker and bigger and thus cause blockages. Therefore, a professional should be engaged to check the drains for roots which have entered into it.

⦁ To prevent odors from garbage disposal systems, ice cubes and citrus peels should be put into it and then it should be run for 30 seconds. After which 1-2 tablespoons of liquid dish soap should be put into it and after which cold water should be run through it for a minute which will rinse off all the debris.

⦁ If there are slow moving drains, the trap should be removed and cleaned of any types of debris or even clogs. Still if the drain is slow moving, then the main line cap or plug should be checked. This will make the dirt and debris soft and they can easily be flushed out from inside the drains.

⦁ If there are huge clogs, it may require you to employ a professional to help. It may even require the entire sewer line to be replaced. This is if even the sewer jet blasting does not work.

⦁ In winters, clog hog sewer jetters are used to remove blockages which are frozen in the sewer drain lines.

⦁ One should not use the flush tank as a shelf as whatever material is stored on it has a chance of falling into the toilet bowl and clogging it.

⦁ When there are kids in the home, the toilet bowl should always be covered to prevent kids dropping toys or other things into the toilet bowl.
Although there are several drain cleaning methods, it is very important that the home owner or the owner of the commercial property remains cautious about how to maintain the drains, sink spouts and water sources periodically.

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