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5 Fun Ways To Keep Fit

If you’re looking to keep fit but loathe the gym, or you’re not built for running, it can be difficult to find an activity you enjoy that can help you enjoy that can help you shed those pounds. The following ideas for fun ways to keep fit will help you get into shape while having a bit of fun too.

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  1. Trampolining

Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted to do was jump on your parents’ bed? Now you can experience the same thrill, without worrying you’re going to break a precious ornament in the process! Trampolining is one of the latest fitness crazes taking the world by storm, and trampolining has many health benefits to help you burn those extra calories over the summer months. Find your nearest trampoline park and get bouncing!


2. Hula hooping

Desperate to get that toned tummy? Hula hooping could be the answer! Hula hooping has come a long way from the fun activity you used to play as a kid, and there are now several fitness classes designed to help you tone up and get fit by mastering this fun skill. Hula hooping is known for toning several muscles groups and is sure to offer plenty of laughs too. Grab your friends and enjoy this fun take on your childhood game!


3. Dancing

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Dance classes are a good way of getting fit without realizing you’re exercising! Not only will you learn some new moves and have fun dancing to the music, but you will burn plenty of calories as an aerobic exercise, with many benefits for your health. Dancing is also said to improve your mood, and can be a fun activity to enjoy with your partner or friends.


4. Bootcamp

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Bootcamp may sound extreme, but it’s actually a lot of fun. If you’re looking for an effective workout that challenges you, gets you outdoors and works a lot of different body parts, you’ll find everything you need in boot camps. The exercises involved often feature teamwork and using equipment you may never have used before, and you’ll feel great after your session.


5. Boxercise

Feeling a bit frustrated after a tough day at the office? Maybe you just need to blow off some steam? Boxercise is a fun and energetic workout which can not only leave you feeling great, but will certainly burn off a lot of energy for a total body workout. Boxercise doesn’t involve being skilled beforehand, you’ll get to learn basic boxing techniques such as stance and different punching styles without actually laying a hand on anyone. As something that will really boost your mood, you’ll be wanting to go back for more once you get started.


Once all your hard work has paid off, make sure you celebrate – treat days are important too! From fun summer drinks to barbecues and trips to the beach, there are many great things to look forward to over the summer months, which you’ll enjoy even more knowing you’ve worked hard to get there.


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