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Baking Made Easy

I know I love to bake around the holidays and I tend to make the same things every year. This baking subscription box will get you up and baking new things monthly with a new recipe each month with all the needed ingredients.


I was sent the chocolate chip cookies with walnuts box from Rise Baking for my monthly box. As you can see I have all the ingredients minus the eggs and butter which I forgot to add to the photo. Everything is perfectly measured out so all you have to do is add it to the bowl in each step of the recipe. The recipe says chocolate chips but it was actually chocolate chunks which I really liked and it looks like it was hand chopped too. Each month is a different box and you can go to Rise Baking to see what your next box will be each month.

The good thing about this baking club is you can either buy the box for yourself or give as a gift in monthly subscriptions. You can save between 10%-20% depending on 1/3 different options. The best deal is 13 months for $23.99 per month and it’s the gift that keeps giving should you decide to gift a subscription. There is also a couple coupon codes available until 12/24 for 10% off your purchase. Use code “HOLIDAY10” for recurring plans and “GIFTS10” on single gift boxes.

January…Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting! Go sign up now to get this yummy box from Rise Baking

This recipe for the chocolate chip cookies was really easy to make. I cheated with the mixing and used my kitchen aid mixer though since mixing by hand is a little hard for me. I did however have to mix in the chocolate and walnuts by hand with the wooden spoon thing they sent to keep them from breaking up in the dough. The whole recipe makes about 5-6 dozen depending on the size of your cookies. I use one of those easy release scoops that looks like an ice cream scoop to make uniform sized cookies. My kids like to eat up all the cookies so I have learned to freeze the individual cookies on a silicone liner and bake them fresh in small batches as needed.

cookie-dough   frozen-cookie-dough

These cookies baked up really good and didn’t spread too much during baking. If you haven’t invested in a silicone liner to bake on then I highly suggest one! Also look into getting a cooling rack to cool them faster when you pull them out of the oven.


Make sure to check out Rise Baking for yourself or to gift for the holidays to someone that loves to bake. You can also check them out on social media at the links below. Happy Baking!

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