Beautiful Gifts For Your Best Friend: Awesome Ideas #BirthdayGifts




Where would we ladies be without our best friends? Having one girl who you trust more than anyone in the world is akin only to having a sister. You have shared some magical moments together, but you have also helped one another through the tough times as well. The point is that it doesn’t matter how hard life gets; with your best friend at your side, you know that you can conquer any obstacle. When it comes to her birthday, you want to show her how special she is to you. Now it is your chance to give her a gift that is meaningful. Read this quick list for some inspiration.


Handmade jewelry


If your bestie is all about accessorizing, you might want to give her a super unique gift. You could make some jewelry for her so that she has a piece that nobody else can copy. Why not try making her a beautiful pendant or even a ring? If you head down to your local arts and crafts store, you will find an array of materials you might like to use. Don’t worry if the piece of jewelry is not perfect – what matters is that you took the time to make something from scratch.


Stunning artwork


If you have known your friend for years, you will have a million old photographs of the two of your together. Why not turn those pictures into a photo canvas print for her wall? Spend some time sifting through your old albums and see whether you can find a gorgeous photo of the two of you. You can send the picture off and have experts put it on a canvas for you. If you want to be creative, you could even choose a few different images and create a fantastic collage for her.


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Her favorite book


Some girls always seem to have their heads in books. If you are lucky enough to have a best friend who loves to read, the perfect gift for her should be obvious. Do you already know what her favorite book is? If you know of a book that she adores, you can find a limited edition copy of it online. Sometimes, sites such as eBay and Amazon, sell copies of books that the author has signed. Sure, you might have to pay a little extra for the signature, but it will be worth it to see the smile on your best friend’s face.


Perfect perfume


The type of perfume a woman (or girl) wears is unique to her. Some ladies like a musky scent, while others favor floral, sweet smells. If you know what style of perfume your friend likes, you can create one for her. There are sites that allow you to make a perfume by blending loads of different scents and flavors. Choose smells that you know she already likes so that you get the perfume style just right.


Meaningful memories


If you are short on funds, but still want to do something special for your bestie, you might want to create a memory book for her. You can buy a cheap plain notebook from any stationery store. Use old photographs to decorate the book so that it looks beautiful. You can also write snippets of things inside the notebook, such as stories and memories you have had together. Creating a gift like this one is the perfect way to show your friend how much you love her and what she means to you.


If your best friend’s birthday is just a few weeks away, it is time to get planning. You don’t want to have to rush around at the last minute to sort something out. Figure out what you want to do now, and get started!

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