Best weekend ideas for you and your girl.

When it comes to relationship and leisure, you can find many ways to spend time properly that we often forget about. If you and your girlfriend got strained and exhausted during weekdays, do not worry – weekend is perfectly enough for recovering. And you can find even more opportunities for couples than you expect! Check out our list by Brides Hub Dating of best weekend ideas for you and your girlfriend!
A luxurious getaway. This one might be the most romantic of them all, and that is why we would like to start with it. Your aim is to run away from annoying and pestered reality and jump into a marvelous world of adventures. We offer you to look for a romantic trip to Vienna or Rome as these cities are often entitled “the capital or romance”. Nevertheless, a choice is yours. You can find countless various trips on the Internet or (for the best result) call a travel agency.
A spontaneous road trip. Grab your girl, spare underclothes and an umbrella – and you can chase the sunset together! Car rides are magnificently romantic, no matter where you live and how comfortable your car is. Remember one important thing: best spontaneous actions are planned in advance. Take a brief look at a map, choose an appropriate track and motorways, and find out if there are any motels or restaurants alongside the driveway. You don’t want your girl to feel knackered and hungry, aren’t you?
A romantic staycation. If you both feel totally exhausted and don’t want to leave the apartment (or even bed), you can come up with staycation ideas. Choose films, order plenty of food (Chinese boxes, pizza, and sushi work out perfectly), and stay on your couch together the whole weekend! All your problems and troublesome thoughts will momentarily melt away. If you are not a dedicated customer of food deliveries, we can offer you to try cooking new dishes with your Russian girl (they are often a remarkably skilled cooks). Spaghetti Bolognese, chicken salad with oranges and mango, shrimp soufflé – this list is endless! As well, cooking together is a lot of fun and a good way to become even more intimate.
A museum tour. It is a great idea if you live in a big city with numerous different museums, art galleries, and exhibition centers. Are you both into impressionism? Delight yourselves with paintings of famous artists? Do you like science and technology? Visit the exhibition of the recent development of technology. Is she really keen on antique heritage? Explore the historical museum to learn something new about favorite cultures. Likewise, it is a reliable method of self-education, which is strongly important for a modern individuality.
An extreme adventure. If you started feeling like you got stuck in a comfort zone, you need to blow your personal universe. Never tried skiing? No problems, take your girl for the first training! Bear in mind that you both would need some support for first attempts; no one can do it better than the one who loves you. What about scuba diving? A seafloor is a unique sight, she would love it, for sure. The only obstacle you both might meet is fear. Get rid of it as fast as possible! Russian girls are usually fearless and readily venture to try something new.
A weekend voyage. Staying in the hotel is awesome, though, it can be a bit boring. Why won’t you try an overnight cruise? An endless water surface, fresh air, a romantic dinner on the deck – can anything be better? A little notion: if you are going to book a cruise, ask your girl what she thinks about it. She might turn out to have nausea, or be afraid that Titanic story happens again – exactly with her.
A sunset picnic. A Sunday evening is created for a romantic amusement. Pack a bottle of wine, desserts, cheese and fruits. Find the perfect glade that has a sumptuous sunset view. The sunset itself is one of the most beautiful things in the world; if your beloved one sits close to you, this admirable sight may feel like heaven to you.
A double date. Call some friends and invite them to the double date. Sometimes you need to communicate with other people, especially couples. Book a table for four in a cozy place, order some wine and appetizers – and you will be surprised how joyful your meeting was.

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