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Bible Study for Women


With my new NKJV( New King James Version) Bible I know and am certain that I am growing in my faith and closer to God.  I absolutely love that it is in color and has maps in color, an Appendix and a Concordance. I love my current bible as it was the very first Bible that I ever received. It was a birthday present from a friend that was confident enough to tell me about the Gospel and bring me to church and Bible Study. But, I love that I can read God’s Word and understand it for myself. With this NKJV Bible it just brings the life of Jesus and his followers even more to life and I feel like I was actually there at the time. I really enjoy the little excerpts and extra information that this Bible delivers. This is sure to become the main Bible for me and others who read it to go to. This is one that I will recommend to family, friends, and others who ask for recommendations for a Bible.

Ever since receiving this Bible I take it with me to Bible Study, Church and every where I go. It never leaves my side. I always refer to it when in need of a particular scripture. Praise the Lord for this Bible. I use the Scriptures in this Bible for studying, referencing and memorizing God’s Word. I love to just read and grow closer to God.




I can’t say enough about this Bible. I just love how colorful it is and how much information it has explaining some of the scriptures. It really makes the Bible Times come alive for me. This is one I will definitely get for others as gift when they come to know Christ. I believe this Bible will help them understand the bible better.

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