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Bilingual toys, teaching kids early

I am sure most people know, that the sooner you start teaching a child a new skill, the easier it is for them to pick up on and master that skill. That’s because the younger a child, the more absorbent their brain is. This is why starting a child on a foreign language as toddlers will make it easier for them to retain the info. It if for this reason that I love bilingual toys. Most of these types of toys teach a couple of languages at once; English, Spanish, and French. Some teach just English, and Spanish; in my mind, this is probably to set that is most beneficial.

Bilingual Toys

One of these bilingual toys that I love, is this Color N’ Eggs set from BeginAgain. This is a cute little set of 6 eggs. Each egg “breaks” in half; the top half is a color, the bottom half as the color in English on one side, and Spanish on the other. These eggs will help teach your kids their colors, two languages, and even matching skills, as they attempt to place the egg shells together in the correct order.

Bilingual Toys

In addition to these matching eggs being a great way to learn, they are also made from eco-friendly, all natural rubber wood and colored with non-toxic, child-safe stains. So you can rest assured knowing that your kids are playing with something safe. This is just one of the many awesome toys from BeginAgain. Their website is really easy to peruse, as you have the ability to search by age or product type. I would love to add all of their toys to my kid’s playroom, I know they would love it too!

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