A Checklist Of Everything You Need When It Comes To Setting Up Your Own Blog


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So you’re thinking of starting your own blog. There are plenty of reasons to do this. It can be a free outlet for your personal thoughts. It’s essentially a kind of online diary or a way to express your opinions to people all across the world. If you are shy, it gives you an easy means of being outspoken.


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Getting Online

First things first, to host a blog you will need a reliable internet connection. If you run a blog, it’s best to be regular with your posts. This keeps people coming back to read. You don’t want people to lose interest in the few days that you disappear each week. A steady stream of posts is essential. So what is the key to  maintaining consistent posts? Well, that’s easy. Writing regularly and having an internet connection that doesn’t cut off for hours or days at a time. Find the right provider and package for you. Be it a cable ISP or DSL, make sure you’re getting the best offer that you can. Many providers will price match, so check out comparison sites. Challenge your current provider to meet up to market prices. If they don’t, simply take your business elsewhere.


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Choosing A Name

You’re going to need to choose a blog name. This could be based around your own name or what you’re writing about. Your own name is a simple way to go. It shows that you’re proud of your own work and adds a personal touch to your page. If you’re planning on being a beauty blogger, it might be good to have a name which points towards beauty. This will allow people interested in beauty to access your page more easily. You will appear on search engines when people search for beauty tips, tricks and advice. If you’re a lifestyle blogger, do the same. It’s important for your name to be memorable and your site URL to be easy to find again. Avoid lengthy words or commonly misspelt words.


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Choosing A Platform


There are hundreds of website hosts out there. There are free ones, such as wordpress, blogspot and blogger. There are premium ones too. Which you choose will be based on whether you want your blog to be purely personal or professional. Free sites are basic and will allow you to post regularly at no cost. Premium sites will cost you but will have a more professional feel to them.

Choose A Theme

Most blogs will have a theme that runs throughout. Choosing a theme to stick by will find you a bigger, more loyal readership than if you write about whatever first springs to your mind. Common blog themes include: beauty, lifestyle, travel, cooking, gaming and informative. If you can’t decide where you want to specialize, start off with a personal blog. This will allow you more flexibility in your writing matter.

Carrying Out Advertising

You will need to advertise your blog in order for people to know that it exists and visit it. This can be easy. You can let friends and family know that you’re taking up a new venture in writing by sharing links to your site on social media. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, wherever. Encourage your family and friends to recommend your blog to other people. If you like, you could even start a social media page that people can “like”. The more people that like your page, the more it will be suggested to others. You can also pay for advertising space if you want a huge readership.


Design Your Blog

Your blog design can decide whether someone stays on your page or closes the tab. A good design will make your blog seem more professional and will raise more interest in what you have to say. Your web design is especially important if you are going to be writing about fashion, beauty or style. If your blog is badly designed, people are less likely to trust what you have to say about other areas of design. You can access hundreds of free themes that are effective and beautiful to look at. However, plenty of other sites might be using the same one as you. Fewer people will have access to premium themes. These are themes that you have to pay for. If you want to have a completely unique theme and design, you can hire a web designer. These will be able to create a page which is perfect for your needs. They will design it from scratch, referring to your requests as they go. This is the best way to design your site. So if you’re serious about blogging, this might be something to consider.


Taking On Advertising


If you have a lot of readers, you can earn money from your site. Companies will pay for your site to have advertisements for their products and services. If you’re using a free hosting platform, these might be placed on your site, regardless of whether they have your permission. If you’re paying for your hosting platform, you will have full control over what advertising is placed on your site and you will receive a profit from it.




Certain sites will have a lot of readers and popular bloggers will often hold collaborations. This is when one might guest write for the others blog. They might also collaborate on a prize giveaway. This involves two or more bloggers collecting up some nice prizes and offering them out to people who advertise their blog, like their page or share their votes. This will expose your blog to all sorts of people who might not have seen it before. It’s a clever advertising method and also helps you to connect with other individuals from the blogosphere or blogging community.


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Knowledge Of How To Avoid Harassment


Never release any of your personal details on your blog. These can include email addresses and phone numbers. You never know who will be reading your work. You don’t want anybody being able to harass you or contact you without your approval. There are also a lot of trolls out there. Ignore their comments. They’re simply riling you up for an argument.

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