How to Choose the Right Drug and Alcohol Family Intervention Program



One of the most debilitating issues in a family has to be substance or behavior addiction. In modern society, this is becoming more of a norm than an oddity and more families are undergoing untold torment trying to mend the torn fabric. In most cases the affected family member is way too gone to realize the gravity of the issue at hand and the other members have to intervene.

If you are undergoing such a situation as a family it is important to appreciate that this is not a problem that only afflicts you.  More importantly, you must realize the need for a participatory approach as a family to ensure everyone is on board. There are many problems affecting the modern generation including; eating disorders, suicidal tendencies, gambling addiction, sex addiction, drug and substance abuse, among many other sand at one time you will have to intervene as a family.

How then do you select which intervention model to use? Here are some ideas:


  • Talk as a Family


According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) most behavioral problem including addiction can be resolved with the input of the family. However in most cases your loved one will not be in a position to participate in such a discussion and you have to take charge to evaluate the situation.



  • Talk to Your Loved One


It is never easy to confront a loved one who has a drug problem or any such problem. However, psychologists argue that before such a person admits to the problem, any intervention will be in vain.  As a family you need to approach the issue carefully to avoid acrimonious exchanges which would exacerbate the situation.


  • Talk to a Doctor


The best place before starting any form of rehabilitation is with the doctor. You need a doctor’s assessment to identify how bad an additive behavior has become. In some cases you need physical medical attention for your loved one especially when they have been abusing drugs for a long time. If your loved one has attempted suicide for instance you need to get a doctor’s opinion and suggesting on the best intervention model to use.


  • Decide on the Intervention


Now that your loved one has admitted to the problem, it is time to explore the solutions available. Interventions are a good way to start treatment for any type of addiction or other behavioral problems. You can choose from different intervention models available including family intervention guided by an interventionist such as the ones at, workplace intervention and field intervention among others.  


  • Research


If you want to rebuild your family by rehabilitating a loved one then be ready to put some time into the process. This is not a one-off process because you will have to research and learn more about the problem affecting your relative. What’s more you need to research on available intervention solutions and treatment before you talk to them. When you get inspirational recovery stories make sure you share hem to encourage your family member.


When you make that first call for intervention you will have made a big step towards saving your loved one’s life. Don’t hesitate, go on and make the call.


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