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Designs To Color – Adult Coloring Book

I have a confession to make … I am rather addicted to coloring. There … I said it. If you are like me, finding a new coloring book that offers a different style is pretty exciting! Betty Schaffner’s “Designs To Color” (with Barbara Schaffner) is a coloring book that offers “finish your own” designs. Betty’s book was originally created in the 1960s as a cure for the unimaginative coloring books of that time. Now being re-introduced, this book offers the artist the free space to be creative.


“Betty knew no two people would take the same route. With the wide variety of avenues possible – a change of color here, a different medium there – the entire feeling and mood could vary on any given day.” For me, each time I flip through the book trying to decide on which page to color, I see a page in a different way than I had before depending on how I’m feeling inside that day. I love that! One day I might want to add some flowers … another day I might see a place for adding buildings or people. Additionally, each picture leads me to use different mediums. One might seem to need gel pens, another might need colored pencils, and still another seems to call out for just some good old-fashioned crayons.


You don’t have to be an artist, or have any artistic qualities at all (believe me), in order to enjoy this beautiful coloring book. Wouldn’t you just love to add some birds to the picture above? Or a colony of psychedelic ants crawling around under ground? Where ever your imagination can take you, that’s where Betty’s book would like to help you go. How about using some neon gel pens and then turning off all the lights and shining a black light on the picture? Talk about fun!!

Betty’s story can be found on the back cover of your book. It’s a fun one. It will inspire you. I just know it will.


While your ordering one for yourself, how about ordering one or two extras for some friends or for some of the children in your family? What could be more fun than being creative together? Look for this wonderful book at:

Amazon/Tallfellow Press

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