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Different Kind Of Bread



When it comes to eating, my husband loves tp try new and exciting things. When we were able to get some Povitica, it was something we have never had and seemed to be good.  What is Puvitica it actually swirls bread. This has been around for many years and used to many holiday and gatherings as bread. If you are gifted with this, it shows a sign of respect. Strawberry Hill has been making this for many years.


We received four different flavors, and from the two who ate them, they tasted excellent something else then what they thought. Swirl bread can be eaten plain or with something on it. They toasted some and had it with butter.10453310_10207185772015690_4858814904391958948_n


n the late 1800’s, a group of Eastern European immigrants came to Kansas City looking for work in the meat packaging industry. They settled in the strawberry “Patch”.

A flood in 1903 provided the impetus to move up ground to the “Hill”. Known as Strawberry Hill, this community was enriched by the customs, beliefs, and proud heritage of its people. Along with them came their traditional dessert known as Povitica or Potica (swirled bread).

in 1984, using his mother’s beloved Povitica recipe and her “secrets”, Harley started the Strawberry Hill Povitica Company in the heart of Strawberry Hill. At first, it was merely a hobby. But it soon turned into a full-time passion as word spread. Sadly, in 1999 Harley passed away. After all these years Harley’s motto of “Do one thing and be the best at it” has simply been our road map to success.




Cranberry Walnut 



Generous layers of our traditional walnut filling, dotted with tart cranberries, swirled with buttery sweet dough and baked until golden. It’s a twist on an old-world favorite and a truly special fall treat.

English Walnut 


Traditional, old-world Povitica! Layer upon layer of crushed English Walnuts, sweet honey, and butter, wrapped in our handmade dough and baked until golden brown. Still made with Grandma’s original recipe- because some things just can’t be improved

These are just two of the ones I received. All of them tasted different and good. 

Historically, Povitica has been a staple at many holiday and family gatherings for generations. When given as a gift to people outside the family, it was meant as a sign of respect.

As time has gone on, the tradition of baking Povitica has become a dying art form. At Strawberry Hill Povitica Co., that tradition lives on with the help of a few dedicated bakers and a passion for what we do. Today we still use Grandmother’s recipe: each world famous Povitica is hand-made, hand-rolled, and patiently baked to perfection.

Strawberry Hill Povitica begins with our exclusive sweet dough recipe, rolling it into an almost paper thin “skin”. Once rolled, each skin is smothered in one of our delicious fillings made with the finest ingredients. We then hand-roll each skin into our signature loaf and carefully bake it to perfection. Each delicious Povitica weighs an incredible 2.5 pounds!

Povitica is also known as Potica, nut roll or poppy roll, gubana, makowiec, orahnjaca as well as other names.  What one would you want to try? 


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