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Diono RadianXRT the ONLY Car Seat You’ll EVER Need!

Your about to have a baby. If it’s your first child you are more than likely ordering everything and anything you can possibly get your hands on. If it’s not your first then you know just how much baby stuff you can go without this time around! However, there is one essential that NO baby or expectant parent can be without! That is the Car Seat, without it you can’t even bring baby home from the Hospital. Your next move? To go Car Seat shopping! You soon realize there are so many car seats, which fits best for your car? What if your planning to get a new car? Convertible or Bucket Infant seat? What about the seats that fit into the strollers? The list of what to buy goes on and on!dionoradianxrtLet’s stop for a minute and look at the Diono RadianXRT Convertible Car Seat. Like most parents you probably are not 100% sure about the idea of ditching the bucket car seat, often used for infants. The bucket seat allows the parent to keep their child in the seat when exiting out of the car. HOWEVER, removing an infant from the car while in the bucket seat is heavy, bulky and can be rather exhausting to deal with. The Diono XRT convertible seat eliminates the bucket seat and grows with your baby to a booster seat. Instead of buying two or three different seats for your child you now only have to buy ONE until they are old enough to sit without one. Since all car seats are pricey this can be a very economical option.dionoradionxrt1

Diono Radian XRT Convertible Seat compared to an infant bucket car seat.












CONS of the Diono RadianXRT Convertible Car Seat.

  • Heavy
  • Not meant for Husky Kids/babies
  • Rear facing Leg room can be a problem for tall babies/kids
  • Some older model vehicles may have difficulty with installation/use. I recommend researching your car if it’s older and looking first to see what car seats best fit in that car.

dionoradianxrt2Why do I like the Diono RadianXRT?

I honestly wish I had this seat from day one because it’s just a smarter choice. My back seat is NOT very big even though it’s an SUV. The Diono RadianXRT does not take up the same space my daughters bucket seat used. My three children 13, 8, 11mo are more comfortable and my boys are out of each others laps (trust me, a few inches really makes all the difference). Traveling with a car seat in the airport is a horrible experience. Thankfully, the car seat folds and comes with convenient straps to travel with making airport or other travel a bit less traumatic. Lastly, since the Diono RadianXRT is a convertible booster I have saved myself from purchasing an extra seat when she’s older. If you start right from infancy then you only purchase one seat instead of 2 or many cases 3.dionoradianxrt3How do you get around the “need” for a bucket seat?

I choose to have a bucket seat first (knowing convertible seats existed) because I really liked the stroller system that it came part of. I also did not know how awesome Diono Car Seats were. However, I only used the bucket seat for a few months because I wanted to see my daughter when I pushed her. Then I realized I could turn the whole stroller seat around stopped using her bucket seat. I strongly recommend choosing a stroller where the seat can face either direction then the need for a bucket/stroller system is eliminated. I also suggest using a infant sling/carrier in lue of the bucket seat (it does not have to be an expensive one). This eliminates not having somewhere to put baby while your shopping/walking and is so much easier to carry around than a heavy bucket with a baby in it (especially when baby gets bigger).

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