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Getting In Shape Is So Much Easier

With the new year, everyone has sworn to get into shape, and with the Fitness Tracker, it will be so easy. I can not stop raving about my new fitness tracker. Who would have thought that getting fit would be so fun or at least not so boring? I love the multi functions of this fitness tracker.  I like that it is in black. I like that I don’t have to coordinate with the clothes I am wearing that day or worry that it doesn’t go with whatever I am wearing that day. It records my daily activity, so I no longer have to worry about that.

It tracks how many steps I take, my calorie burnt and distance walked. It also keeps track of my sleep habit. It monitors the quality and quantity of my sleep. It lets me know when I have a call, which puts my mind at ease as I still have young ones in school and I am the one that the schools call if anything happens or they need to get a hold of me for some reason. It also has a warning pulse if my phone or tablet is out of bluetooth range.



This is it I have finally decided to do something about the weight I need to lose and this fitness tracker is a great help in keeping track. All I have to do, if I wish to , is keep a written log of everything.  This tracker has helped me to slowly but surely get healthier and lose some weight. I love that I can wear it almost anywhere and everywhere. I can even wear it when I am all dressed up. So far it  has gone with everything I have worn.

  • Fitness Wristband – Record your daily activity to track your fitness
  • Smart Tracker – Track steps taken, calories burnt and distance walked
  • Sleep Monitor – Monitor the quantity and quality of your sleep
  • Vibrating Alerts – Stay notified of calls, SMS, emails, social media and calendar notifications
  • Anti Loss Alarm – Warning pulse when your phone or tablet is out of Bluetooth range

I love when I find products that really work for me and I can tell everyone about them without worry of anything going wrong with the product. I will definitely be recommending this product to all my friends and family.


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