Good Habits You Need In Your Life Again


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Many of us first learn the value of a good habit when we are children. Our parents, relatives and other carers encourage us to develop them. It might be good habits with manners or diet. We could have learned good habits related to studying or time management. Whatever we learned when we were young, there is a good chance that some of it has fallen by the wayside. What with a workload, family commitments and a social life, we can often find that we have lost some of the good habits that used to shape our life. Not only that, but we may have replaced them with bad ones. Fortunately for us, humans are remarkably good at creating habits. We tend to create behavioural patterns very quickly and soon slip into doing them automatically. In many ways, that is why it is even more important to ensure our habits are positive! To rediscover some of the early good habits we may have lost, read on below.


Your Bed Is For Sleeping


When we were younger, it’s likely that we were often stopped from taking toys, books, stuffed animals and more to bed. The comfort and cosiness of a bed often means it becomes a great retreat. But we should ensure we are reserving it for sleep. Our brain is very quick to make strong associations. Nowadays, many of us check our phone and emails the moment we wake up and just before we fall asleep. We may also wile away the hours in bed watching television and DVDs. In small doses, these things are fine. They help us to relax and can be a great treat. But we should be careful not to fall into the habit of associating our bed with work or other things. Doing work-related things from bed is perhaps particularly harmful. It becomes increasingly difficult for our mind to switch off, because we no longer associate our bed with only sleep. Reset the habit and you will rest better and become more positive and productive in the day.


Ask For Help


As we get older, it is more and more likely that we will get used to solving our own problems. While this is usually positive in itself, it can become problematic if we become uncomfortable asking for help. Many of us now resist simple medical check ups such as at the doctor or dentist unless we really feel there is a problem. Even then, we will often delay it or try to solve things ourselves. Independence is admirable, but asking for help can be equally empowering. Don’t feel you have to face anything alone. Collaboration and communication are both very positive habits.


Don’t Procrastinate
Throughout our lives, we have probably been encouraged to do things quickly. Some problems or tasks require genuine planning and preparation. But we should not confuse that with procrastinating. If we have everything we need to act and know we should act but cannot summon the motivation, we’re procrastinating. This seems to be a problem experienced only by teens and adults. As children, it is usually our natural inclination to solve tasks quickly and get things done. We are happier and carefree as a result. Try to face your problems or tasks head on and get them out of the way. You’re then free to enjoy your free time and feelings of accomplishment!

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