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Handbag Keeper

Joyful Keyper is an accessory for your handbags where keys have a home, a consistent place to live and a hang-out (inside your bag), quietly waiting within reach.  Imagine a day with less stress, being on schedule for appointments, and having more time with family and friends. Instead of constantly searching for misplaced keys, have more moments of wellness, peace of mind, and joy – each and everyday. Now I can keep track of my keys with Joyful Keyper instead of having to dig down to the bottom of my purse or everywhere else looking for them.

Because it is tethered to your handbag or tote or backpack, keys won’t stray or get put down somewhere you won’t remember.

Joyful Keyper is never out of sight, just tug the strap and your keys emerge from inside your handbag. 100% genuine leather compliments all bags, from designer bags to casual and in-between. hand-sewn construction provides long-lasting durability. Self-adjusting design for a secure, easy fit with different handle sizes. Smooth, finished edges are kind to hands and will not snag or pull on delicate items. 14-inch strap reaches door locks without unhooking keys. Ergonomic, metal clip fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to use. Double-coil spring clip ensures durability. Variety of colors to reflect your unique personality.






All my girlfriends, especially my mom friends or as the kids call us Soccer Moms will be told about this product and if needed I will definitely be gifting one to each of them. I am married to a law enforcement officer and I am always aware of my surroundings and love that I can open any door without having to fiddle with looking for my keys are even detaching them from my purse. I know my friends will like this idea also. I will be raving to everyone also.

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