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High Powered Multipurpose Waterproof Headlamp #DLproducts


We go to Tennessee a lot in the winter months, and its always so dark up in the mountains, and near the cabins we stay at. This High Powered headlamp is the perfect thing for us. Lights the way so we can get to the car from the cabin at night.

The headlamp comes with the elastic headband attached, but you can add clips for hardhats but don’t recommend them the cloth slides off too easy there is also a rubber type of headband and that holds into hardhats really good. The light came with two straps – fabric for head use and a heavy-duty rubber strap for using the light with a hard hat. Both straps are very well made and secure the light firmly. Super bright, adjustable spot/flood beam.


Keeps everything nice and lit for us so we don’t get hurt, and fall down the slopes. The red light is very bright and works great at night! It’s perfect for maintaining your “night vision”. I also like that the light is positional, it can be positioned to shine down at my feet, straight ahead, or any place in between!

No need to fear or be limited by the dark, after purchasing you’re very own Dark Light LED Headlamp! The possibilities of activities you can do in the dark are now endless with your comfortable, safe, and powerful LED Headlamp.
Enjoy a cool, breezy evening run, or an exhilarating night cycling with friends. Hiking, hunting, camping, or construction projects- endless ways to use your headlamp!

The headlamp can be tilted up to an 180 degrees. There are 6 different light modes and the red light can be turned on simultaneously with the white LED light.

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