Hooks on Hitler’s Rise to Power Topic

Writing an essay about a famous person is a frequent and difficult task because you have to write a paper that may differ from numerous ones of a similar topic. How can you grab a reader’s attention or make the audience read your work? The answer is to create a persuasive, interesting, and catchy first sentence to your piece of writing. Spider Essay Writing service will help you to cover academic paper on any topic.


What is a Hook?

This statement is not identical to your thesis, but it doesn’t mean that it is less important. Remember the role of the first chapter in a book and the first frame in a movie are playing. If you feel bored from the very beginning, you are not likely to continue watching or reading. The same is true for hook sentences, and, especially, for your work connected with such a famous person like Hitler. You should make great efforts to get a reasonable and outstanding sentence.

Hook Composition Strategy

Somebody believes that there is no strategy at all. However, our writing experts have developed some efficient schemes to compose your introduction sentences:

1. Find out everything about your audience.

There are some simple rules and factors helping you to find an effective approach to almost every person. This method is called “if I were you”. In other words, you need to come into somebody’s world and walk in their shoes. For instance, imagine you are a captive reader like professor or teacher, who checks the student’s work. You would certainly get bored if there was nothing interesting in it, and the mark would be low enough. State a surprising fact or theory to raise the curiosity of a person.

For example, “Adolf Hitler intended to kill millions of the Jewish people and establish Nazi government system in the world at the very beginning of his career. However, a few people know that one of the first batches of laws adopted by the government of Nazi Germany was connected with animal protection.”

This statement is a little bit surprising, isn’t it? Your professor will think the same.

Nevertheless, if your audience is not captive, you should use your imagination to grab its attention. It would be more appropriate to insert humorous notes or even some wisecracks in it.

“Hitler wanted peace. A piece of Poland, a piece of Czechoslovakia and a piece of Turkey.”

“Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

2. Don’t forget about the purpose of your writing!

Sometimes your hook sentence may not fit the major reason for composing an essay. Whether your paper is argumentative or persuasive, its “attention grabber” must be related to the aim of work closely enough. That means that if you have written an argumentative paper, you may begin with a horrifying or surprising statistic.

“In the elections of 1924, the Nazi party gained only 3% of the votes, while in 1932, Hitler won 33%. That was more than any other party has ever won.”

In such a manner, you can compose a good and appropriate hook sentence for your work. Write all your ideas down, and don’t forget to keep in mind all

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