How do you know if you have Termites?


There are an estimated 250 trillion termites in the world, and you will inevitably have a colony infest your home at some point in the future. These hundred-million-year-old pests can cause devastating damage to the structure of your home, and cost you thousands to repair. For this reason, it’s extremely important that you find a valuable exterminator to completely rid your home of these destructive beasts. There are several identifying characteristics of a termite infestation such as mud tunnels, maze-like patterns in woodwork, hollow wood boards, and piles of sawdust around your property.


Subterranean termites are the most destructive species of termite in the United States. These blind pests never leave the safety of their tunnel, so when they enter your home they will build mud tunnels to keep them protected from predators. These tunnels can stretch all the way up the side of your home until they reach an entry point. If you have subterranean termites, you must act quickly and prevent as much of the colony from entering your house as possible. You should use a broom to knock down the mud tunnels and then place termite bait in several locations around your yard.


Once termites have made their way into your home they are very difficult to eradicate. Since most of the worker termites are blind, they do not burrow a certain pattern into the wood. Instead, they will create chaotic mazes of tunnels that they navigate by the scent of pheromones left by other workers. When you have these termites burrowing through your walls you will have to drill several small holes in the wall so you can spray pesticide to several areas of the colony. Once they have started chewing away at your walls the repairs get more expensive by the day so it’s important that you act quickly and decisively.


One of the most worrisome signs of a termite infestation is walking on wood floors that have a hollow sound where there wasn’t previously solid ground. This is worrisome because it means the termites have destroyed such a significant portion of your home that there could be structural damage. You should avoid these hollow areas at all cost and remove heavy furniture from these locations to take pressure off the weakened flooring.  



Termites have evolved to ability to not require liquid water to drink. Instead, these amazing pests survive off the moisture trapped in the wood particles they consume. The product that they excrete will have no moisture in it and will look like a grain of sawdust. Like most animals, termites don’t like to live near their waste and workers will push these miniscule pellets out small holes where it will form a pile. If you find a large pile of sawdust around your home this is a sure sign of a full force infestation.


If you find any of these signs on your property, you must make it your top priority to call a professional and have them eradicate your problem.





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