How To Transport Your Pets on Vacation



If you own a pet, you can’t leave it at home when you are going for a vacation with your family. It is a family member too after all. But traveling with it can be very stressful. But with proper preparation and safety measures, you can make your trip with your pet more comfortable and safer than ever.

We a;ways take the little guys with us when we go on vacation. They do really well in the car, and we do stop a number of times so they can make and stretch. 

· Keep your pet safe in a well-ventilated carrier or crate. Choose a wire mesh, soft-sided and hard plastic carrier, that is big enough to let your pet sit, stand, turn around and lie down. Before starting the trip, make sure that the pet is used to the carrier at home. You may take it for some shorter drives beforehand, and make sure that the crate does not shift or slide during quick stops.

· Never leave your pet alone in your car when parked. A park car may become very hot on a summer day, and this may cause a heatstroke for the pet. On the contrary, it may become a refrigerator during winters, causing the pet freeze to death.

· In addition to your pet’s food, leash, travel papers, bowl, waste scoop, grooming supplies, medicines, first aid kit, plastic bags etc, pack its favorite pillow or toy too to make it feel comfortable and at ease.

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