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Keep Beards Nice and Soft

I have seen many men with beards, heck my dad even had one for the longest time.  Some beards do look nice, I will give it that.  But that is where my love affair with beards ended.  It was nice to look at, but I did not want my man to have a beard.  Why you ask?  Well, I cannot stand the straggly beards or when I went to give a little peck on the cheek I would get greeted with a beard that had errant hairs or the hairs were hard and would actually stick me.  Never mind how it turned me off when I saw someone scratching their beard.

Now full disclosure, I am a woman so I never had a beard and never will so maybe this is just easy for me to critique how beards are unruly and while they may look nice sometimes, I could do without them.  Imagine my surprise when I found out there are products called beard balm and beard oil.

Lovely Beards has that beard balm and beard oil that will keep the man in your life’s beard soft and looking great.  They also prevent “beardruff” which is just like dandruff.  It makes your skin flaky and itchy, which I now know why I always see some men scratching at their beard.  Who knew?  They are organic beard oils and just using that simple little product can do wonders for keeping your beard nice and soft and manageable.

You can buy beard oil for the man in your life, or point him in the right direction.  I am sure he will thank you for it.  I am not sure a lot of men know that there are such products out there, I know I didn’t.  Now they can have a beard that will look great, be soft and manageable, and help with the itching and “beardruff” that some men suffer with.  Apparently with regular use it also helps prevent split ends so they will not have to shave as much, which I am sure will be a plus for them ( I know it would be a plus for me!).

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