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Kids and Long Road Trips


Summer time is here and this means family vacations, and we actually plan our vacations way ahead of time. That way we have everything ready and all mapped out. With our travels we go for 7 hours on the road and we do make frequent stops, because of the kids.

Taking endless breaks when your with the kids is a must, they will feel all cramped and tired after hours on the road. Like I said we drive 7 hours and we actually stop over night for a must needed  rest. Here are some great tips for road trips with the kids.

Potty breaks make sure to have them, as often as needed. Not only to use the potty but to get out and walk, stretch and move around so no one is cramping up. After all 7 hours can get to the best of us, and lets face it we all need to go.

Breaks even if its to stop and stretch your legs , it’s always good to rest for a bit, eat and get something to drink every so often. And it gets you ready for more time in the car. We all get out of the car and move around, and take a break. Even if it’s just to move around a couple of minutes.

We always have a set time to leave, early morning to avoid any of the traffic, all of us are up and ready, the cars packed up the night before so that’s the easy part. Then we get up and on the road, and even with the stops we always make great time. We feel the early the better and its worked out great for us.

All of us have some kind of electronic device, we either read or play games and the kids are either watching videos or movies. This keeps us all busy and makes the time go a lot faster. A happy family makes a great vacation.

Source Traveling With Kids By Ashley 

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