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There is a lot of talk about education today.  New charter schools being opened, funding being cut, colleges offering online courses.  Education does not just stop after we finish high school.  Someone once said, “You learn something new every day,” and that is the truth.  Every single day I find something out that I did not know before.  You never stop learning and learning is important.  I know that I like to learn about anything I possibly can when I am interested in a subject.  My daughter who is in junior high school actually researches topics on her own that interest her that maybe they have not learned about in school yet or maybe they will not even learn about it because the curriculum does not include it.  I love when she tells me things about the Revolutionary War that I never knew (or forgot) and mentions names of people who I never even heard of!

With The Great Courses Plus, you can learn everything about anything.  There are thousands of topics from professors from Ivy League Schools and experts from such places as The Mayo Clinic and National Geographic just to name a few.   You can watch on your TV, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.  It has never been easier to learn and you can learn no matter where you are with all the ways you can connect.

They have an iTunes elearning app and an Android elearning app so whatever platform you use, even if you are on different platforms with different devices, you can always learn!  You can also download to view later (which is great for when there is not going to be any WiFi available!).  With so many topics to choose from, there are probably hundreds that you will find an interest in.  No one should ever stop learning and with the cost of taking a course whether it be in person or online, it is nice to know there is an option for my busy schedule where I can learn when I want to, where I want to, and for a fraction of the cost.

Learn to your heart’s content, check out The Great Courses Plus and see all their topics from Learning Spanish to Essential Secrets of Spices in Cooking to Forensic History to Understanding Investments and so much more.  Even if you are just learning for fun, there are a lot of cooking topics and How To topics that my being knowledgeable about actually help me every single day!

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