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Lemonade With a Twist

If you like lemonade with a twist but don’t want any alcohol then this is the brand for you. Belvoir Fruit Farms has a lemonade made with Elderberries. It truly is a different taste for lemonade. It took some getting used to but now I think this is my favorite way to drink lemonade. I am not much into drinking alcoholic beverages so all these hard lemonades that are out now are not for me but whenever I want lemonade but also want a change a pace I reach for a lemonade from Belvoir Farms.

My kids also like this lemonade. We will definitely be trying all their other flavors, also. I think we are really going to like them if they are anything like this lemonade. We like trying new things and especially when we end up liking them. We really hate to waste anything and with all the neat flavors that this brand has I don’t see us wasting any of it. I couldn’t keep this in the house. I barely even got a taste of it myself. But then that’s what happens when you have kids.

I saw on their website that they have some new flavors – one is Cucumber and Mint. I think that will be the next flavor I try. I love both by themselves I bet that is a good combination. They even have Cordials. I have never had a Cordial. I will definitely be trying that.

The heady floral taste of soft rose petals blends beautifully with the delicate scent of Elderflowers to form a deliciously perfumed sparkling drink. Pink and perfect, this drink will be quenching your thirst all summer long.


I know what my go to drink will be this summer. My whole family loves to drink lemonade during the summer. Anytime really, but especially in the summertime. So, we will be stocking up on this brand and all the different flavors. That way we can have a choice.

Head on over to the website to learn more about this company and their lemonades and also keep up to date on social media.


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