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Loveys, the perfect first baby toy

Baby toys come in all forms and fashions, but when you are looking for a toy that is safe for a little baby, softness, and simplicity is key; loveys are the answer. Baby loveys come in several forms, just like most other toys. They are either a character head, with a built-in mini blanket, or they are like this Baby Jack Lovey, and are super soft! ( Baby Jack makes both!)

Baby Jack Loveys

Made with incredibly soft Minky fabric on one side, and patterned satin on the other, this lovey will quickly become your baby’s favorite lovey! Baby Jack Loveys have different tabs, stitched around the blanket, for added sensory exploration. No need to worry about baby getting his or her fingers stuck, though. Baby Jack makes sure they completely close each tag, so no little fingers get caught!

Each Baby Jack Lovey, is created by 7-year-old Jack, his 5-year-old sister Bailey, and his mama Kelley. I have absolutely fallen in love with not only this lovey, but with this company as a whole. My husband and I adore this lovey for my 4-month-old, as she experiences the new textures, colors, shapes, and animals. We only wish we had known about this lovey when my son was a baby; he could have benefited greatly from something like this.

Because my son has Autism, it was harder for him to learn things that other kids were learning…it still is. As a tactile learner, we often times have to do homeschool lessons that are geared around experiencing things hands on. He might be 9 now, but I might just get him one of his own; maybe Back Jack can make a military camo one!

Aside from these amazing loveys, my favorite thing about the Baby Jack company is that they think about all children. They created a Kindness Project called #SpreadTheLovey; the goal is to put a lovey in the hands of children in need. I love that!!

Baby Jack Loveys

In addition, Baby Jack creates comfort for kids all over. They provide security to children in hospitals, as well as developmental and sensory exploration for children with special needs, and educational prints to enjoy for years to come. They are also part of Changing the Face of Beauty, a non-profit that empowers people with unique abilities to participate in advertising and media inclusions. Thus breaking perceptions of those with disabilities, and showing how amazing each person is.

This has made me one happy mama, and proud to say that Baby Jack will forever be a part of our family. Follow Baby Jack on social media to stay up to date with all of the wonderful things they are doing.

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