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More Then A Gown


Women patients love the soft comfort, coverage and dignity Janes provide, we all know those hospital gowns do little to cover you up. And they are so ugly looking. This robe will Provide me a layer of respect and protection.

These gowns are perfect for moms on your very first ultrasound all the way through your baby’s birth; your body deserves comfort every step of the way. And are even better for breast cancer patient, survivor or any woman with a chronic condition that requires frequent visits to doctor offices, you probably wonder how you could help to make her more comfortable.

With this your providing a much better coverage, I know when I was in the hospital for five days, I hated the gown had some stretch pants under the gown and a sports bra. Hated feeling like I was going to lose that gown. Even after I had my gallbladder taken out, that day I had to get some clothes on and leave the gown.

Janes offer comfort, coverage, and dignity. They are made of a lightweight waffle weave jersey material and Janes “size 2” will fit a roomy 4X. Janes have been commercial laundry tested and approved. Therefore, in your home machine…you could wash a Jane hundreds of times and the gown will come out looking much like it arrived to you today.

Whether for doctor’s appointments, outpatient procedures, hospital stays, or during recovery, Janes™ wellness gowns are an attractive alternative to the traditional, paper-thin hospital johnny. Too often, medical professionals overlook the impact of vulnerability on patient confidence and self-advocacy; our warm, lightweight knit fabric and wrap closure provide total comfort and minimize exposure, allowing you to relax and focus on your treatment.

Janes™ wellness gowns acknowledge every woman’s path to well-being in a dignified way. Treat yourself! – in fact, treat all the women you care about to greater empowerment and peace-of-mind: wrap them up in the warmth and beauty of Janes™.

Would you wear this gown, I love mine.

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