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Mystery Potato, Potato

Potato, Potato

Potato, potato!! Yes, you can say it with a mystery potato. Have you been looking for a way to break the ice? To say something that is too awkward to say face to face. However, mystery potatoes are making great gifts with various message. This is also a great way to give a gift to someone who already has basically everything. Now they can add a potato to their collection. Most people would never think to send a potato.

I remember sitting at my desk and receiving this little package. I knew it wasn’t the paperwork I was waiting on so I sat it to the side. Seems like curiosity began to get the best of me. Potato. Who would send someone a potato? As I looked around the office I didn’t notice anyone looking at me. Then I saw the writing on the potato and cried. My husband had remembered the day he purposed to me.

Examples of things you can say on the Mystery Potato:

  • This potato is 4 U!
  • Happy Birthday!!
  • Happy Anniversary!!
  • U R Fired!
  • Hungry, cook w/care!!

Most of all, reasons along with messages are endless. Customers can find any reason to send a mystery potato. Finally something for everyone for any occasion.

The words on the potato made me cry. “Sweet potato…. You are one sweet Potato.” It is truly amazing what people come up with. This potato gift giving has to be the best service ever. Order now and let us know how great it was. Finally, customers can order directly from http.//MysteryPotato.com. As a result, customers can send potato to anyone with any message they like. The website offers the opportunity to send one to the president or any actor you choose. In conclusion, customers can visit Mystery Potato on Facebook to see potatoes that other customers have chosen.


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