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No Fuss Hair!



I used to have LONG hair.  Like almost down to my butt long.  Over the past few years, though, I noticed that it was looking kind of scraggly and more like a V down my back instead of a nice even length. I got my hair cut and now it is SHORT! Well, I guess it’s not short, it’s still down to my shoulders, but I am used to long hair that I can do stuff with and there is not much to do with this length.  Is it easier to take care of? You betcha! Does my hair look healthier now? Yes!  Do I miss my long hair? Yes 🙁  Do I like my no fuss hair better?  Who wouldn’t?  Brazilian hair can help you achieve that and more.


So now I have no fuss hair, and I can still make my hair long and it will still be no fuss whenever I want thanks to Beauty Forever Hair extensions.  Whatever color I want, whether I feel like curly or straight or in between, I can find it here.  The best part is, I am not stuck with the same hairstyle for too long and can change it over and over again.   This is all without having to fool  around with my own hair to create the look! No bad hair days for me, it always looks perfect! After all, it is human hair so it looks and feels like it – it’s just not mine!

My newest obsession is virgin Brazilian hair extensions.  Apparently, the virgin means the hair had never been put through processing or anything so you pretty much cannot get more perfect than that.  The Brazilian hair is always nice and think and shiny too, and if I am going to be using something, of course, I want it to be thick. I’m not gonna buy hair extensions that are thin because let’s face it, if I did not want thick, lustrous hair then I would pretty much just stick with my own! I can get those in straight, curly, or body wave too so whatever I feel like that day I can have.  If I get tired of it, just take it out and wait until next time the mood strikes.  It is so refreshing to create a whole new look for myself without paying salon prices and then having to worry about getting it to look the way they get it once I shower or the next day.  This always looks good and I don’t have to go broke and I don’t have to spend hours getting frustrated trying to do it myself.   Wish I would have figured it out years ago though, would have saved me a lot of time, effort, and money!

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