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Rice Cookers make dinner easy!

I could live in my kitchen…It is by far, my favorite place in the house. Needless to say, I love things that go in my kitchen. I have a wide variety of kitchen tools, gadgets and appliances – each one promising to make things easier, and faster at dinner time. Most of them are correct in that claim, and one of them is my go to appliance most nights. It is my Rice cooker from Tiger! Rice cookers really do make dinner easy.

Rice Cookers

Just as easy as I can set my crockpot and walk away, I can set this rice cooker and walk away. Freeing me up to worry about the rest of dinner. No more worrying about the rice boiling over on the stove, making a huge mess. NO more worrying about the rice burning, or becoming mushy from overcooking. Let’s face it, even the best chefs have ruined rice before! Not so with a rice cooker!

Rice Cookers

One of the things I love most about this particular rice cooker is the 4 in 1 functions that it has. Not only does if have the obvious rice cooking function, but it also has a synchronized cooking function; slow cooker function; and a steamer function. It has a 5.5 cup capacity, which makes more than enough rice for a family, or dinner party.The steam cap and inner lid are both detachable, for easier cleaning. The cord is also detachable for easy storing. This rice cooker comes with a cookbook with 25 delicious recipes, and it tells you which recipes require the included cooking plate. This could very easily become one of your favorite kitchen appliances too!

Tiger has some of the best small kitchen appliances; rice cookers, lunch boxes, thermal carafes, electric water heaters, and other cooking wares. This rice cooker is definitely replacing my previous one! I hope to add more Tiger products to my kitchen collection one day!

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