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Rubber Ducky Your The One

Out of all the toys Devon has, he loves his dinos and his rubber ducks. Whenever we can, we are always searching for a new one, that’s where Celebriducks  come in, and they make those tiny keychain ducks look like Childs play

With so many to choose from, how can you decide, we thought it would be funny if he were to get the Donald Trump duck. Yeah, it looks like him and everything.   Take Quack America and Make Bath Time Great Again! We’ve done President Clinton and President Obama, and now we have our new President!



CelebriDucks creates extraordinary rubber ducks for some of the world’s most famous Professional Sports Franchises and Corporations. Our custom rubber ducks are unique in that they all come in their high quality gift box, float perfectly upright, and never let in any water. With their unique detail in our sculpting and painting, we are considered the finest rubber ducks on the market and the top custom duck manufacturer in the world. We can also make almost anything, not just rubber ducks.




CelebriDucks rubber ducks also make a fantastic item for fundraising. You can use any rubber duck we have in stock, or we can create a specific custom rubber ducky just for your event. They are an excellent way to raise funds for schools, teams, non-profits, exception rare collectible which people love to own.



  • 100% handmade in the US
  • PVC Free – Phthalate Free – BPA Free-means bye bye icky chemicals
  • Medical and Food Grade Materials
  • Safe for babies to teethe on
  • Soft to the touch
  • Recyclable- bonus for the environment!!
  • Completely Sealed to keep out water- no Mold or yukky slime!
  • Comes in a bright colorful gift box
  • Latex Free
  • Paint Free


All CelebriDucks rubber duckies have the edition printed on the bottom so each becomes part of a very exclusive limited edition. Our beautiful packaging adds a very elegant look to the whole presentation of our product and gives a sense of real value for the consumer. Our letter on the back of each container describes the collectibility of CelebriDucks rubber ducks which we can customize for each client. CelebriDucks are produced as limited editions which make them extremely popular as collectibles. New celebrities are always being added while others are quietly retired to the pond with graceful dignity. This ground floor collectible has the staying power to become one of the most unique collectibles in years and all our client’s share in the prestige of being part of this line. He loves these ducks and we are planning on , adding to his collection.




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