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Saving the Environment


Saving the environment is what me and my family are into. We try not to buy any plastic or paper items. We found these straws and just love them. We need to get at least one more as there are 5 of us and it only came with 4 straws. But, that is actually ok as only two of us really use straws. As soon as the straws came in my  youngest and I choose which two straws we wanted. And two of them came with a straw cleaner so the makes clean up a breeze.  My youngest unfortunately last year had his two front teeth kicked out but because of his age the only thing they will do right now is glue them back together. He has to wait until he is 18 to get anything else done. So, in the meantime he has to be very careful eating and yes even drinking. He not drinks all hot and cold beverages with a straw. Which is why these straws came in handy when I found them. Instead of going to the store and buying straws every few weeks or so I now only have to rewash these and they are good to go again and again. Thankfully, they are glass and are rewashable and reusable.

We know quite a few families that recycle and the next time I see them I will be telling them about these straws. They have all sizes and designs to choose from. They sent us one that is small enough for a kids cup. We have some small ones that this straw goes just right with. They have the decorative dot straw as you see in the picture below. The dots on this straw comes in different colors so you can assign a straw for each person in the family or just for the kids if they are the only ones that use straws. They have one that is slightly bent if you an see it in the picture if not head on over to the website for a better look at all these straws. This one looks more like the straws from school or some restaurants. They look kind of vintage to me.


Head over and check out the site,  and be sure to follow on social media and stay up to date on any new item.

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