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A Scarf That Acts Like A Bib

I absolutely love my  bib scarf from DinerWear. It looks like a scarf so it is also fashionable and stylish. I finally found something that will keep me from staining my clothes. It is nice to finally be able to go out to eat and still run some errands without an embarrassing stain on my clothes the rest of the day. It’s one thing to go straight home after eating but a whole different thing when you still have places to go.

This bib is so stylish you could wear to compliment your outfit and as mentioned before keep yourself from messing up your clothes. That in itself is saving me money by not having to constantly buy stain remover or continually taking my clothes to the cleaning to remove a stain. I will definitely be buying this scarf for all my family and friends and will definitely be recommending this to my more stylish friends. To all my friends.

I love all the colors that this scarf comes in. There are sparkly scarves also. I want to buy one for each of my outfits, whether I am going out to eat that day or not. I just had an idea. I may try this one day. I am wondering if I could wear this instead of a camisole under some of my outfits. It would be a little cooler I would think that having to wear another layer of clothing and then I could just whip it out when I am eating and tuck it back in. I may be on to something.



My husband and I went out to eat and then to a get together with friends and the whole time I wore my dinner scarf and no one knew the difference. I also did not stain my clothes with what I was eating at dinner which was very nice to do for once.

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