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I love Art Skills art supplies. They are the best brand for school art and with 3 children. No teenagers. These brand came in handy and lasted longer than any other name or generic brand out there.

Dazzle your friends with your amazing poster skills by adding Sparkle Poster Letters. These pre-cut poster letters and numbers are perfect for making a poster with an eye-catching title! Each pack comes with 5 different colors that are sure to fit into every poster theme!

Washable glitter glue dries puffy and can be used to embellish cards, scrapbooks, and art and craft projects. The large size tubes also make it great for big projects such as posters and signs! Available in 5 classic colors!

Marquee Lights are the next level upgrade from our already awesome Poster Lights! These lights include Marquee style bulb covers that can take your project to the next level!

Washable poster markers are perfect for big projects. The jumbo 1/2 inch tip can be used to make thin lines for detail work or broad strokes for larger areas.This package of 4 dual ended markers includes 8 classic colors.

Small Corrugate Tri-fold with Header comes with an included header that can really make your titles pop! This headers is great for adding bold titles that stand out and it also provides extra stability to your display board.



All my kids got the best grades when they made their presentations with this brand and all of these products. They all came in handy with my kids imaginations and craft sense. And will the amount of each item that I received there was enough for all 3 of my kids to use without having to go out and buy anything extra. In fact, I think I have some left over. With the end of school coming up I believe they all have at least one more project due before school ends for the year. And I believe there is just enough items left for all of them and again without having to go out and buy any more.

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