Spring Gift Guide 2017

Shade Whenever You Need It

Spring is coming, and with spring and summer comes the dreaded sun.  I need shade! It is cooler in the shade first and foremost, but also you can get a bit of a breeze sometimes that you may not get (or feel) when the sun is just beating down on you.  Never mind the whole dangerous rays thing!


I like to be outside and comfortable but instead I always end up sitting in the house because there are no trees in my backyard (or on the beach) and I am what you would call majorly heat intolerant.

With QuikShade I do not have to sit inside while everyone else is outside laughing and having fun.  Their canopies come in a range of sizes for only a few people to up to 12 so there is always something for every need.  It is portable so I can stick it in my car and carry it wherever I go, whether it is the beach, a park, or my backyard.  I do not need to sit inside any longer and can enjoy the fresh air and the company of others instead of feeling like I am being punished because I cannot take the sun and heat!


Sometimes there are places I go where it is not practical to set up a whole canopy, so thankfully QuikShade still has me covered (no pun intended!) with their chairs.

There have been so many times when I have had to sit outside at a school function, or maybe a concert in the park, or fireworks – or even in a parking lot tailgating when maybe a canopy would not be practical because the lot is so small.  Sitting in the car is not an option because it is hotter in there than outside and personally I do not want to stand around for a few hours or sit on the hot ground.

Their chairs, portable and folding too, have a canopy on them so I am always comfortable and in the shade outside.  They also have chairs that do not have the canopy on them for those that do not want the canopy and just want a chair they can keep in their car for whenever they need to sit (although you could keep either one or both depending on your mood and whether you feel like extra shade!).

Check out all the shade needs at QuikShade. With spring coming and then summer (even fall!), you will be all set and will not have to “sit” anything out because of the sun’s rays!!

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