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Sing Like A Star

We love to have fun, and with summer coming the pools being cleaned and ready, let the pool party begin. This year we plan to be outside more and using the pool more. What’s the best way to have fun, doing some Karaoke, our uncle loves to go and sing, the whole family loves to sing. This is the best, the singing machine summer pool parties have just become so much better.

The Singing Machine Co. has been creating joy through music since 1985.  This product could meet all sorts of qualifications for your gift guides for mom, dad, children and friends!  With the Bluetooth components, added functionality with Stingray and being optimized for smartphones and tablets makes a great gift for tech geeks too! What a better way to turn any pool party into a singing one.

Classic karaoke systems are easy to use right out of the box. Plug, play, and then rock the stage! Loaded with convenient features such as CD+G player, and dual microphone jacks to support duets, your special karaoke moment can be that much better singing along with a friend. With an awesome song library with thousands of songs for all ages and all talent levels, anyone can have a blast!

When were not singing we can enjoy, listening to music we so love the 60s , growing up on it has made it our comfort music, Takes us back  to a time when we didn’t have to worry about anything, Share the lyrics with friends and family on a big TV screen via RCA cables* Now you will never forget the words.

It all began with a vision to spread the joy of karaoke entertainment to every home in America.

The Singing Machine has long been the pioneer in the industry by introducing state-of-the-art technology from CD+Graphics to HD Karaoke video streaming.

In 1982 The Singing Machine Company, Inc. (SMC), was incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware. The SMC was the first company to bring karaoke systems to American households. Its first IPO was offered in 1994 and is still publicly traded today.


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