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Teach Your Baby ASL with Dawn Sign Press

The most frustrating thing about having a toddler is not knowing what they are trying to communicate to you. I learned with my first child very quickly, communication was the key to surviving the “terrible twos”.  Communication has been a focus for all three of my children and with many of the children I have worked with over the years. Toddlers crave social interaction and love to share everything. When you don’t understand a Toddler they KNOW IT causing break downs of epic proportions. Teaching Sign Language as early as 6mo can truly help babies and Toddlers engage with others and express their needs. Dawn Sign Press has a wide array of ASL books and videos to help parents give their little one the best advantages in learning while still creating fun!Some of the books I enjoy using from Dawn Sign Press are American Sign Language Babies: First Signs, Get Dressed, Let’s Eat and Outside by TinaJo Breindel & Michael Carter. These simple board books are perfect for early learners because they have one basic sign on each page. These are day to day signs like: bath, eat, please, mom, dad, thank you etc. Reading the books help reinforce your daily movements that you use while teaching your child Baby Sign. It’s okay for your child to not have the sign right. If they are making a similar motion constantly then they are able to communicate and that is good enough. As they get older they will correct there movements the more they see them used.  Another fun book is called, My ABC Signs of Animal Friends By Ben Bahan & Joe Dannis this book has animals that teach the sign for their name and also have the letter sign focused on what they are, D for Duck etc. I love the illustrations in this book they are very colorful!Along with fun stories, Videos that offer sign language can be fun and entertaining for your child. The more they see the signs used around them the more they will use them and understand how to use them. The Video series, Once Upon a Sign has a fun selection of videos that use ASL throughout their stories. This helps your child see entire conversations that can be made with their signs. If you are new to sign language then your going to want to familiarize yourself with signs that you can use. 100 Signs for Parents is the perfect purse or pocketbook pamphlet to keep on you so you can continue to use signs with your child as they explore the world around them. The last useful book is Signs For Me: Basic Sign Vocabulary for Children, Parents and Teachers By Ben Bahan & Joe Dannis this book has a large amount of signs and how to properly use them.Once armed with the fun books and videos offered by Dawn Sign Press parents will begin communicating with their child well before they can actually speak audible words! These tools are wonderful and as someone who took ASL in college I find them very helpful since I don’t remember everything I learned 12 years ago.Visit to see all the products offered from Dawn Sign Press. Who do you know that wants to learn ASL? Which is your favorite product?

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