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Unique Items For Everyone On Your Gift List

Aqua Notes-The Airhook-Lucky Iron Fish

Unique Items For Everyone On Your Gift List - Aqua Notes-The Airhook-Lucky Iron Fish

If you have someone on your gift list that’s hard to buy for, already has everything, or is hard to impress here are a few awesome options to surprise them with this year. Check out these unique items for everyone on your gift list, I guarantee they won’t have seen anything like these fun items anywhere!

Aqua Notes Waterproof Notepad

AquaNotes® Waterproof Notepad with Pencil

AquaNotes® Waterproof Notepad is going to totally change my life. Most of my days are a constant on-the-go stream of running errands, dragging the kids everywhere they need to go, making pit stops at schools to drop off stuff they forgot to take, checking in on my mom, writing blog posts, planning everything from writing to shopping trips to holiday get togethers … you get the idea. Every day is the same but different, yet always on the go.

I often find myself making mental to-do lists as I drift off to sleep at night or while in the shower. (How did AquaNotes® know that?!) This is an ingenious way to jot down lists or ideas even when it’s not generally convenient to do so.

This notepad is truly waterproof. I’ve used it while in the shower and even submerged it in water and written with ease on the waterproof pages with the soy-based pencil (provided with the notepad). It really does work just the way it’s marketed.

This would make a wonderfully unique gift for teachers, family members, co-workers or for Secret Santa or White Elephant exchanges.

The Airhook

The Airhook®

There is always someone on my gift list that I spend weeks racking my brain for ideas about what to give them. (Hint: It’s my husband.) He’s into tech and gadgets and virtual reality, stuff I don’t know as much about as he does. Some of that stuff is pretty pricey and he usually buys the items he wants.

Leaves me with some pretty basic options like socks, slippers/robes, gift cards, more UK Wildcat gear (done, done, and done again!) or other similarly unexciting gift options. Every once in a while, inspiration strikes and I come up with something great. I’m hoping this year will be a surprise for him. I’m going to be giving him The Airhook® for Christmas.

He’s been having to travel for business a little more than he used to, and I think that trend may very well continue. He and I both dislike the way those tray tables on airplanes take up so much room and limit movement. They make us feel so blocked into our seats.

This is going to be a great thing for him to have while traveling by air to be able to watch videos or read articles on his iPad while having plenty of legroom and moving space and also having a place to sit his drink. You can find more helpful information about this product and how to use it in the handy Inflight FAQ.

I really wish I’d had this when we took a flight to California last month. I would have given it to him early rather than wait until Christmas. But, I know he’s going to enjoy the option of having it to use on his next business flight! He’s a bit of a social butterfly, too, and I know this item will be a great conversation starter when other people see it.

Lucky Iron Fish

Lucky Iron Fish™

Lucky Iron Fish™ is a super easy and unique way to add more iron to your diet without taking supplements or worrying about which foods are iron-rich. You can use this item in different ways to reap its benefits from boiling it in water and using in drinks to simply dropping this little guy in your pan while boiling pasta or making soup. Find other recipe ideas to make use of the Lucky Iron Fish™, to get the most from it.

If you have had unpleasant side effects while taking iron supplements, you will be interested to know that Lucky Iron Fish™ can provide a significant portion of your daily recommended intake of iron without causing constipation or nausea. Used regularly it can help prevent anemia caused by low iron levels.

I’m using this in my home right now because I am just terrible at remembering to take supplements regularly, I just forget to do it. This little guy sits in a decorative bowl next to the stove where I see it all the time. As a matter of fact, I used it tonight while boiling some penne pasta for my chicken alfredo. I’ve used it while making soups and boiling water for tea, too. I really like that it’s doing something good for my body and no one in my house is any the wiser because it doesn’t change the taste of food or drinks, at all!

Lucky Iron Fish

Lucky Iron Fish™ is reusable for five years, making it much more cost effective to use than constantly buying iron supplements. When the happy smile on the product fades it’s time to replace it. It’s backed by clinical research from universities around the world, and when you buy one the company gives another one to a needy family around the world through their charity connections.


Would any of these unique gift options tickle the fancy of anyone on your gift list? Who and Why?


Get yours here!

AquaNotes® Waterproof Notepad: Online Store | Amazon

The Airhook®: Online Store | Amazon

Lucky Iron Fish™: Online Store | Amazon



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