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Why Use a Boring Stroller When You Can Use a smarTrike! #HGG

You have reached that point, the point where walking is not an option but sitting in a stroller is not fun either. Your darling child desires to be more engaged with the world and wants to see and do EVERYTHING!! If you haven’t reached this stage yet, beware it’s coming! Pre-walkers 8-10mo or so are just so anxious to get going and moving. They typically hate being tied down for too long and really just hate watching life roll past while they sit on a stroller with a toy or juice box in hand. smartrike

Thankfully smarTrike has created an ingenious solution to the prewalker struggle. Plus they are super cool, really fun and they grow with you sweet cheeks! It is so much more fun to sit in a trike than a stroller! But hardly not as easy to work with until now! When my daughter reaches the age of 10 months you can be sure that I will be using this for EVERY walk and outing! The smarTrike has 4 different stages. What you see in the picture is for babies who cannot yet reach the foot pedals to ride. They get all the fun of being on a trike without the freedom. The height of the handlebar is perfect for pushing without bending over! The adjustable straps and lap bar keep baby secure in place. The foot rests give tiny feet a place to go instead of dangling there at the sides of the trike. Should your cutie pie fall asleep, don’t worry because the seat reclines to keep them comfy while still keeping them secure!storageStorage:

The smarTrike has a lower compartment built into the bike for storage and stow and go items. When all the other storage areas have been removed the stow and go storage will remain! There is also a large bag for everything you need to carry when you take baby out. The small bag for your keys, phone, book etc. and finally the cup holder for the big girl now riding along because we all know you don’t look cool without your sippy!featuresFeatures:

Once your little one can reach the pedals you can remove the handle and transform the trike to one that can be ridden all on it’s own. Depending of the type of trike you get you have either 4 or 5 stages that can be converted. The first would be to simply remove the lap bar when they can hop on and off themselves. The next would then be to change the seat from a high back to a low back. The front wheel itself has a locking mechanism that prevents the wheel from being to turn 360 degrees when needed to assist in steering. As your child grows in confidence and once they can reach the pedals they can begin to ride by themselves and you can remove the parent push bar. The trike itself can also adjust to the size of your child so it’s easier for them to maneuver because we all know young kids are all shaped very differently from one another.AssemblyThe smarTrike is so easy to put together that my 12 year old did it (probably faster than I would have). Should you need a new set of directions they are available online as well! (to anyone who has gone searching for these you know the pain). The best part is that they come in various colors and models each with Sun covers and all the basic bells and whistles some have a few extra bonuses like a kaleidoscopic parent push bar and cell phone toys. Which ever you choose they are most certainly perfect for you growing baby and get them out of the boring stroller and into the world where they want to be!

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