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Wine That Travels With You


If you’re like me and you hate to open a big bottle of wine, I have the some excellent news for you. is a great website where you can get wine on the go, and these small bottles are great for the days when we want just one glass.

One look at the website and you can tell that this is indeed as the kids now a day say FLY wine. Straight from Napa Valley California, Flywine takes wine to a whole new level from the beautiful hand crafted wine to the most hand-friendly bottle up to date.


Stephanie DeMasi, the owner and founder of Flywine, put it all on the line when she traveled from New York City all the way to Napa Valley to be able to bring this excellent product to life!! Each one of these elegant traveler bottles is filled with high-quality handcrafted wine exclusively for Flywine and Flywine only.

From events to trips on a plane or even a picnic at the park your presence will be known from the second you bring out your favorite blend of Flywine. Being a 100ml TSA – friendly bottle, it won’t let anyone or anything stop it from going where it is needed. For the people who can’t think of a perfect gift to give to their friends or loved ones, the answer is here. Flywine doesn’t only produce and sell fine wine but also has a program called (In Good Taste) where they partner up with multiple charity’s like Roots Of Peace; Dog is my Co-pilot and Family services Napa Valley. Part of the program each winemaker chooses a charity of its choice for Flywine to donate a portion of its sales part of the ( In Good Taste ) program.

Have you ever heard or even thought a wine company partnering with charity’s and animal rescues? Well, you heard/read about it today!! As if that’s not good enough Flywine has another problem named (Flights Take Flight) where other wine makers have the opportunity to put the there own blend of wine into the eye-catching travel bottles.


To get a better understanding of the (Flights Take Flight) program, this is where any other winemaker can use the 100ml hand traveler bottle. When participating in this program Flywine will market the product at no extra cost enabling the winemaker to reach out more into the world of wine that is not only interested in flywine travelers but finely crafted wine as well. So from holding and personally tasting Flywine I can honestly say less is more. From the website itself to the finished product no other word comes to mine but tasteful!

Please check out the Fly Custom info: (you can do your log0)~ $13 each.

What’s even better is these custom travelers “FlyYourWay” these are the perfect gift for all kinds of events, birthdays, graduations all sorts of things. You name it and they can do it.  Favors for weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, retirements and reunions… even new moms love our Special Packages! The best part: Custom gifts start at $25!


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