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Wines are Perfect Anytime

Nothing beats a good glass of wine.  The best part about wine to me is any time is the right time to drink it.  You don’t need a special occasion, you can drink it with a gourmet dinner or pizza, or just unwinding at the end of the day in front of the television.

I have tried plenty of wines, too many to count.  I am one of those people who love to taste different kinds of wine.  I will try anything once, and most of the time once is the operative word because I try it, and I move on to the next.  I am very, very picky when it comes to wine.  I am the first to admit that.  For me to drink more than a glass it has to be a wine I really, really enjoy or else I am good with one glass and it is on to try the next one.


Westmount wine comes from Oregon, and the first thing that drew me to it was the fact that it was from Oregon.   I have never heard of a wine coming from Oregon.  Maybe it is just because I am not so well versed in wines and the like and maybe you have heard of wine from Oregon, but I hadn’t so I really was curious to try it.  The vineyard is in Willamette Valley and they make 2 kinds of wine- Pinot Noir which is red, and Pinot Gris which is white. I was also fascinated with the Pinot Gris since I have heard of Pinot Grigio, but never Pinot Gris.  Again, it could be just me.

The Pinot Noir was pretty dry to me. The reason I say this is because one of my guests, who drinks Pinot Noir as his drink of choice, told me that Pinot Noir is pretty light in terms of red wines.  This one is not.  Even he was amazed at how it tasted.  I guess it is in the grapes but this was not like any other Pinot Noir we have ever tried.  If you think that Pinot Noir is pretty tame for your liking, this is the one you need to try to change your mind.  It was very smooth too, I hate to be cliche and say like silk, but it really went down like that!

The Pinot Gris I loved.  It was not that dry, a bit fruity but not sweet, if that makes any sense, and it really had a nice taste.  I was very surprised because I have had some white wine that tasted off, or was too dry for my liking.  This one was absolutely perfect and I really enjoyed it, and even had a second glass!

The wines even came with wine glasses, which I know you can get glasses anywhere, but I would be remiss if I did not brag about these a bit.  First of all, they are stemless which I love because I have gotten into the habit of using stemless because they seem to get knocked over less.  The thing about these wine glasses are, they look nice but when I picked them up, they were plastic.  Score! Now I have one less thing to worry about – a glass breaking!  I poured the wine, and when I picked up the wine glass to drink the wine, I noticed that my thumb actually fit into something – I realized that the wine glass has an indent FOR YOUR THUMB!!!  It fits in perfectly, and it is really ingenious.  It made the grip on the wine glass better and it was really comfortable to hold.  I have never been so excited about a wine glass before!

If you are looking for a different kind of wine, consider trying Westmount.   I don’t think you will be disappointed!

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