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You Heat me up

Honey Well Heat Bud


imageYou Heat me up


I am always hot, my body temperature is always up high and my core is hot. It also does not help that I live in the valley of the sun. Where the temperature is 100 plus degrees, for the most of the year. Yet, when you walk into a hospital you will feel that the temperature drops dramatically. This is for a few reasons. To keep patients from getting sicker than they already are, reduced the spread of germs is the big reason that the hospital is kept so low. The second reason I think at times they want to make the staff freeze to death. Ha ha ha.




Now, I have a way to stay warm at work with the Heat Bud from Honeywell. This ceramic personal heater is wonderful to keep my hand warm, when they are so cold at times. With two different setting that I can get warm or hot as I would like with this HeatBud. This heat bud has an awesome feature that every heating device should have and that is an auto shut off. So I have a helper to keep my home from burning down. With it being so compact, I am able to store it in my work locker and have it every day in the winter to keep myself warm.
So how do you stay warm?

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