Glamping is a term that describes a camping style with luxurious amenities. Some glamping experiences are as luxurious as resorts. For instance, a person may spend the night in a luxurious Bubble dome or rent an Airstream cabin. However, these accommodations are usually a little more expensive than standard camping accommodations.

Airstream rentals

There are a variety of benefits to renting an Airstream for camping. For starters, you can enjoy the luxury of a motor home without the high cost of an RV. You can also stay in parks that specialize in Airstreams, or you can stay in a general campground. In any case, your Airstream rental will certainly catch people's attention.

The price of Airstream rentals for camping depends on the size of the unit, its location, and time of year. Generally, according to this link, Airstream rentals cost $100 to $400 per night, depending on the model and amenities included.

Airstream cabins

For families with children, there are Airstream cabins with sleeping accommodations for three adults or two adults and two children. These units have queen beds and a futon sofa bed for additional sleeping space.

While staying in a cabin is not as luxurious as staying in a hotel, it can be a unique and memorable experience. Many Airstream locations across California have a range of amenities to keep you comfortable. Whether you prefer vintage shag carpets or a sleek, modern design, Airstream cabins are a great way to enjoy camping in California.

Airstream towers

An Airstream tower is a portable home away from home. It's great for glamping because you can leave it as it is, rather than having to pack it up and tear it down. You can enjoy modern amenities while staying in an Airstream without having to worry about hookups or storing all of your things.

Airstream towers are a great way to have a luxurious stay in a natural setting, and many Airstream parks offer these accommodations. One such spot is Treetopia in Catskill, NY. It is a great place to stay and enjoy the outdoors while also staying close to the many attractions in the area. The accommodations are cozy, and come with a seating area and an outdoor grill.


With the rise of the millennials, a growing number of travelers are choosing to stay in treehouses for their glamping vacations ( This trend has several benefits, including affordability, a unique view of nature, and modern conveniences. In addition, treehouses offer amenities that are not available in traditional hotels, such as private bathrooms, Wi-Fi, and pools. Many treehouses also offer activities such as yoga or spa treatments.

Treehouses can be found in various parts of the country, including the Adirondack Park region. Many treehouses are located near scenic lakes and hiking trails. You can easily find a location near Lake Placid and Tupper Lake and explore all the natural beauty the area has to offer. Some treehouses are also pet-friendly.


Glamping in farmhouses is becoming a popular trend. Farmhouses and barns are being built to fit the needs of discerning travelers. They are the perfect place to get away from it all and enjoy the peace and quiet of a quaint farmhouse porch as opposed to the best glamping yurts & pods. Farmhouses are also a great place for extended family get-togethers.

Farmhouse suites offer a charming small-town farmhouse atmosphere with all of the amenities of a boutique hotel. These rooms are spacious, have vaulted ceilings, and original beams. Each suite has its own personality and features a private bathroom with a rain shower. These luxury accommodations are also equipped with a washer and dryer, and a fireplace for those chilly nights.

Suwannee River Sanctuary

The Suwannee River Sanctuary offers glamping opportunities in beautiful natural settings. You can spend your nights in an open-air cabin, or choose to use the cabin's amenities. Each cabin features three single beds, a rocking chair, and a mini-fridge for your convenience. It is also near a natural spring and a floating dock.

You'll also find a variety of accommodations in the park, ranging from luxury teepees to cute Conestoga Wagons. You can enjoy activities like horseback riding, airboat rides, and river cruises, or relax in the swimming pool or mini-golf course. For more information, you can visit the site's website.

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