10 Amazing Ideas to Decorate Your Wedding

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Looking for wedding day inspiration this season? Getting married is no longer the formal affair it used to be. Use these top ten wedding decoration tips to infuse your big day with décor bliss. Now all you must worry about is the guest list.

The 10 Best Wedding Day Decoration Ideas

This year, we ditched the face masks for full-scale celebrations. We have had weddings abroad, beach weddings, and more. Are you ready for the best wedding décor on the internet?

1 – The Outdoor Venue

If you use a firm, you can hire what you need to throw your wedding in your very own garden, should you wish to. Outdoor weddings shouldn’t stop when summer ends. Instead, hire your tent, rent out the tables and chairs, and get ready to party into the wee small hours. Just remember to invite the neighbors. You can acquire wedding rentals in San Luis Obispo by hiring an event management team.

2 – The Fairy (Lights)

Fairy lights are a fantastic way to decorate your wedding on a budget. For the price of a few boxes of batteries and some string lighting – or solar fairy lights – you can create an atmospheric solution to lighting your post-wedding party.

3 – Dried Bouquets

2022 has been the year of applying logic to your big day. What’s better than a dried floral bouquet which you can keep for the rest of your life? Normally, we spend thousands on flowers that will just rot away. Dried bouquets are better all rounds.

4 – The Goldfish Centerpiece

So, you can put a goldfish bowl in the center of each guest’s table during your wedding party. Make sure you do this ethically and don’t get yourself reported to PETA. The fish should have plenty of space, and you should make appropriate accommodations for them after the wedding.

5 – Ivy Everywhere

If you truly don’t have any imagination, or if you feel there are lots of white with little embellishments, it’s time to bring in the ivy. Crawling ivy wrapped around pillars or hanging from baskets elevates the class level of any room by 100%. 

6 – Chair Dressings

You can bring the density of a wedding hall venue that feels empty up to appropriate levels by adding chair dressings. Say you are decorating an overtly white venue, and you chose colors white and gold. Gold wrapping around the chairs and tied in a bow at the back will add a layer of sophistication that would otherwise be empty space. 

7 – The Sustainable Wedding

Modern trends toward sustainability have seen an increase in biodegradable glitter, raw paper confetti, and exposed brick and woodwork. We wholeheartedly support this trend.

8 – Expensive Drapery

Draping strips of fabric from the center of the ceiling out to the walls of a room adds to the expense of the overall look. This elevated décor trick works with hanging lights, suspended feathers, flowers – anything that can hang from height.

9 – Cake Chic

Your cake is just as much part of the design as anything else. Make it eye-catching, bold, and ready to amaze with these cake ideas

10 – Add an Archway

Nothing says wedding like a good archway. You can make it out of balloons, out of flowers, or out of branches. You can have soldiers present arms or get any children involved with creating them. Whatever you do, adding an archway is a sure way to get great pictures.

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