NAD or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide has several health benefits. Nicotinamide riboside is the precursor to the NAD and has gained massive popularity because of the commercially available heath supplements. NAD is essential since it helps combat the effects of aging and maintains the optimal circadian rhythm. Try Elysium today to supplement your body with critical NAD to enjoy all the health benefits.

In the following section, we have listed all the benefits of NAD for your body.  


  • For better functioning muscles


With NAD supplementation, you can now restore muscle mass. Since external NAD supplementation maintains the optimal levels of the compound within the body, it can combat the effects of mitochondrial myopathy, where mitochondria damage leads to muscular weakness. Improve your mitochondrial function with NAD supplements today.


  • Combat cancer better


NAD supplements can help in fighting the various causes of oxidative stress within the body. Scientific experiments conducted have proved a fact beyond reproach that NAD can limit the growth of tumor cells. DNA damage prevention from oxidative stress is another valuable point in favor of NAD supplements. 


  • Reduce the symptoms of diabetes


NAD supplements have a positive effect on the levels of glucose tolerance, weight gain, and protect the liver better. Diabetes-related neurological damage effects can also be prevented with regular NAD supplementation. 


  • Complete protection of the brain through NAD


Keep in mind that adequate levels of NAD are required to protect the brain. NAD has essential positive effects on the activation of pathways like the SIRT3 and the PGC1a. If you want to prevent large scale neuronal degeneration and preservation of nerve cells, then NAD supplements are the way to go. 


  • NAD offers adequate liver protection


NAD oral administration through supplements also has protective functions in case of the liver. Several studies have shown that NAD can stop the accumulation of fat, lower the oxidative stress, prevent inflammation, and enhance the insulin sensitivity of hepatic cells.   


  • Combat hearing loss


Noise-induced hearing loss is quite common in the urbanized areas and among the industrial workforce. NAD has beneficial effects in restoring hearing loss by reducing the degeneration of the nerve cells through the SIRT3 mediated pathway. 


  • Boost your metabolism capabilities


NAD diet is crucial for boosting metabolism. Higher metabolism power means more energy use, which means with the balanced diet and NAD supplements, you will surely bulk up. 


  • Can also help individuals looking to shed weight


NAD plays an active role in activating the fat-burning sirtuin enzymes. This, along with the energy expenditure, enables you to tone your muscles better and burn fat. 


  • About the anti-aging properties


This one seems too good to be accurate, but it is! The more the amount of NAD in the body increases, the better it is for the natural reprogramming of the dysfunctional cells. This, along with the combined effect of the synthesis of the prohibitin class of proteins, increases longevity in mammals. 


  • Protect the mitochondria better


Keep in mind that the mitochondria, as well the nucleus of the animal cells, can utilize NAD. Since the SIRT1 and SIRT3 pathways are activated due to the increased NAD levels. Boost your mitochondrial functions today. 

With all such wondrous benefits when you are you purchasing your NAD supplement? Get your hands on a pack today. 

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