It's hard to beat a hotel for its amenities and convenience, but when you're looking for an experience that's more unique, you should consider using Airbnb.


The home-sharing platform is growing wildly popular. According to the company's website, there are over 3 million homes listed worldwide, and people have stayed in over 100 countries. It is not just for booking accommodations anywhere in the world — it is a way to really immerse yourself in a new place.


Airbnb hosts are eager to show off their city and tell you all about the best places to eat and see. They want their guests to feel like they’re at home, so they often go out of their way to make sure your experience is one of a kind. That means you get a more personal, memorable stay than if you had stuck with a regular hotel room.


Of course, not every Airbnb property is created equal. We scoured through listings in some of our top destinations around the world and found these ten properties that we think are worth bragging about!


  1. The Cliffhouse – Cape Town, South Africa


The Cliffhouse is considered one of the best Airbnb’s in the world and has been featured on Travel Channel, Huffington Post, Business Insider, and many more. It’s a South African home that has been carved into the side of a mountain. The home is situated in Noordhoek which is a small town located about an hour outside of Cape Town. It overlooks Chapmans Peak Drive, which is one of the world’s most scenic drives, and has a private path to the beach which is only a few minutes away. When you first arrive at the house you will discover that it features two levels:


The top level provides a 360-degree view of the ocean and mountains with bi-fold doors that can be opened up to create an indoor/outdoor space. This level includes two bedrooms (one with a king-sized bed and one with two twin beds), two bathrooms, a kitchen, dining area, and sitting area complete with couches and armchairs.


The lower level includes the main living area which features another king-sized bed, bathroom, lounge chairs and couches, dining table with seats for four people, kitchenette (complete with a wine fridge), as well as large sliding glass doors so guests can enjoy.


  1. The Mirrorcube – Harads, Sweden


One of the best Airbnb’s in the world is The Mirrorcube – Harads, Sweden. This beautiful mirrored house is located in the middle of the Lule River Valley and the tree house has been designed to blend in with its natural surroundings.


The mirror cube from afar is so perfectly camouflaged that it looks like a perfectly square tree but when you get closer, you can see that it is a work of art!


The interior of The Mirrorcube also features mirrors so that there are no corners or ceiling. This creates an amazing effect as if you are part of the surrounding nature.


  1. The Kakslauttanen Igloo Village – Saariselka, Finland


The hotel received a rating of 9.8 out of 10 from visitors and it is one of the best Airbnb’s in the world.


There are many ways to enjoy the Arctic Circle, but this place takes the cake when it comes to comfort and elegance.


Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is known for being one of the best places to stay in Lapland, Finland.


The resort has several glass igloos for guests to stay in. The views from these igloos are truly magical as you can see the Northern Lights from your bed! If you can’t stand being away from your daily routine, don’t worry because there are luxury suites available as well. You can also enjoy other activities such as skiing and snowmobiling while staying at this resort.


  1. Wanggulay River Retreat – Queensland, Australia


The Wanggulay River Retreat is a self-contained cabin located at Wanggulay Farm in Queensland, Australia. It was built into the side of a hill overlooking the river valley.


This Aussie property is special because it’s in such a unique location. The cabin is in the middle of a farm and surrounded by nature. Inside, you’ll find two bedrooms, each with their own bathroom and shower.


The kitchen has all the amenities you need to prepare your own food, but there are also several restaurants nearby.


The property is also near several waterfalls, beaches, natural pools and even a national park.


  1. The Bubble Lodge Tree House – Allier, France


Le Bubble Lodge is a transparent tree house designed by Pierre-Stéphane Dumas and Serge Nicole. The bubble hotel is made from transparent plastic to let visitors enjoy the surrounding nature while they sleep. Located in Allier, France, the bubble lodge is placed in the middle of a forest with amazing views of the river at night.


The bubble lodge sleeps up to four people and has a queen size bed on the bottom floor and two single beds on the top floor. The top floor is accessible by ladder and also has a private terrace for sunbathing or stargazing. The Bubble Lodge also comes equipped with a small kitchenette, dining area and bathroom facilities including an outdoor shower. The Bubble Lodge Tree House can be rented for about $200 per night at


  1. Hotel Costa Verde – Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica


One of the best Airbnb’s in the world is The Hotel Costa Verde – Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. It’s one of those once in a lifetime, bucket list type places. Some might call it a “tree hotel”, but really it’s so much more than that.


It’s a treehouse that sits on the top of a 50 year old fig tree that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. It has 2 bedrooms and can sleep up to 6 people, although I’d recommend just having 4 max.


The treehouse provides unparalleled views of the ocean and surrounding jungle below. Every morning when you wake up you get to do coffee while looking out at the ocean. It’s pretty inspiring!


  1. Baumhaus Treehouse – Stuttgart, Germany


Baumhaus Treehouse is one of the best Airbnb’s in the world, and it’s easy to see why. This treehouse has more luxury than most hotels. There are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, home theater system and an outdoor terrace on the roof. The treehouse is located right next to a lake and is surrounded by trees that provide shade and make the treehouse feel like it’s floating above the ground. You can rent this amazing Airbnb for $545 per night.


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