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10 DIY Ideas When You’re Stuck at Home with Kids | 2020 Holidays



Spending long hours at home with kids can be difficult. Regardless of the reason that you can’t go out, keeping little ones entertained is a challenge, especially if you want to limit screen-time. There are the usual toys, books, and games, but kids are curious. They want to discover new things and have exciting new experiences. Sometimes being home can become boring. To help the kids (and you) stay happy, we’ve put together this list of 10 thrilling activities to chase away the stay-at-home blues.


Make a Board Game

When you just cannot play another game of Candy Land, it might be time to create your own new game! To get started, you can use cards, dice, and boards that you already have, or you could print out and color your own! The game pieces could be pebbles, coins, or M&M’s; whatever you choose! The simplest type of game to start with is the “role and move.” Just roll the dice, and move your piece that number of spaces. But watch out. . . there might be traps along the path!


Write and Illustrate a Story

Children have vivid imaginations, and the stories they tell can be exciting, funny, wild, or even spooky! Take the opportunity to write down a story that they tell, then let them illustrate it. For extra fun, once the story and illustrations are done, have it bound and printed in a photo book.


Prepare for the Holidays

At this time of year, many people are preparing to celebrate the holidays! Planning meals, selecting gifts, and making homemade decorations and gifts can keep your kids busy for days. In preparation for these gatherings, the kids can help customize a beautiful Thanksgiving invitation template, or they could help make Christmas invitations online. At this time, even if you can’t be together in person, an invitation to an online gathering can still be special. There are lots of beautiful invitation templates available online.


Look at Old Photos

Kids love to see mom and dad when they were little even see pictures of their grandparents or great-grandparents from long ago. Go through old photo albums, boxes of pictures, or yearbooks. There are sure to be plenty of memories and laughs as you look back together. You can use this time to tell them stories from your childhood as well as stories from your parents and grandparents.


Cook up a Favorite Recipe

When you are stuck at home, it can be a great time to help your kids develop many skills, including cooking. Most kids love to cook and eat their creations. There are many kid-friendly recipes for all ages. Kids can learn to measure, calculate fractions, set timers, and so much more depending on age. Try a savory snack mix, cookies, or any other simple recipe to begin. It’s a great way to practice some important kitchen skills and create something delicious in the process.


Create a Treasure Hunt

Creating a treasure hunt for your kids can be almost as fun as doing the hunting. For younger children, keep the clues simple with words they can read and easily understand. This can be a great opportunity for beginning readers to practice and enjoy reading. For older children, you can create rhymes or use phrases from their favorite books to direct them to the next clue. Remember to make the treasure at the end of the hunt something exciting! For very young children you can do a scavenger hunt where they have to find a list of matching things, for example, 10 things of the same color.


Create your own Movie

Everyone can be involved in writing, starring in, and producing your own family movie. Base your story on a book, or come up with your own unique ideas. Will you make a spy movie, a scary movie, or a comedy? The options are endless! Be creative. Maybe some toys can be the stars, and the kids can make sounds and do the voices. You don’t need high tech equipment; just a smartphone, and your creativity. Not only will everyone have a great time making the movie, but you will enjoy watching it for years to come. Don’t forget the blooper reel!


Write Letters

The holidays can be a special time to take a moment to sit down and write some letters to loved ones. Have the kids each write a small note on one sheet of paper, or have each one draw or color a picture to be included. If you’ve received a handwritten letter, you know how special they can be, especially during the holidays.


Make new Jewelry from Old

Often, we have old necklaces and other accessories lying around the house that are no longer used. These can be taken apart and repurposed into interesting new things to wear. Kids love threading beads and pendants onto pieces of string. Whether their creations are beautiful or not, they’ll still enjoy wearing them.


Build a Blanket Fort

There is nothing more cozy and comforting than a blanket fort. It’s the perfect place to read a book, watch a movie, or just snuggle up and dream. Just get out some chairs and Christmas lights, string the lights around the chairs, and drape the whole thing in blankets. Plenty of pillows make this the perfect retreat when you are stuck at home.