When you occasionally buy things using coupons such as Avon online coupons and free shipping, it leaves you feeling victorious. Imagine how it would be if you get such discounts in everything you buy.

Here are ten shopping tricks that will help you secure those major discounts on everything you buy.

10. Automate your coupons

Today coupons are floating all over. This is pretty obvious. With the help of the internet, you will not have to wait for the coupon to get to your mail for you to use. You can install an extension like honey or coupon at checkout to get automatic coupons codes from retailers around the web. However, it's important for you to monitor the prices using price comparison tools, price alerts, and newsletters to have you updated on the products you wish to buy.

9. Use jenny’s number

It's possible to find yourself in a grocery store you don’t usually buy, that should not limit you from getting discounts there. It’s also possible that you don’t want to share your accurate personal information. “Jenny’s number 867-5309” is here for your rescue. You will not miss this number in the system; therefore you will get the discount without having the card.

8. Abandon your shopping cart

Online shopping should be fun. If you are not in a hurry with the products you want, just put them in your cart and abandon them there for a while. You might get a coupon sent to your emails trying to entice you to complete the purchase. Many online stores have used this system in the past, therefore it's worth a shot.

7. Take advantage of gift cards

Gift cards are often useful during holidays. Buying them from people who don’t need them can be a simple way for you to get that discount for your shopping. Having gift cards, it's as good as having money itself.

6. Student discounts

You don’t necessarily need to be a student for you to enjoy student benefits. Popping your previous student ID once in a while can profit you big time.

5. Such for discounts

Although getting student discounts is good, you should not depend on that for all your discounts. Some stores will automatically offer discounts before you even produce your student card. Combining this with your student privileges, you will get the best deal and save much more.

4. Know the secret price codes

Best deals are often before you at that store. Some retailers place secret codes on the price tags of their items. Those symbols that you think have no meaning might be the next big deal for your product of choice.

3. Learn to negotiate

Nothing comes with a fixed price. If you arrange, you will be surprised how much discount you will get with every purchase. Additionally, you don’t require any professional skills to settle for great discounts.

2. Power of cancel button

Clicking the cancel button might be all you need to get a significant discount. No one wants their products to be turned down. Threatening to click cancel will automatically award you the best discount for the product.

1. Just ask

Some discounts will never come to you unless you ask for them. Your regular bills will never change for any particular month until you ask for small cuts. By asking, you will be surprised how much more you can save.


These are but a few tricks, you can always find others that can work best for you. Additionally, before applying either of the above, ensure your store of choice has the products you want, and it’s in good condition.

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