Are you looking for a new floor for your business, office or basement? There are so many choices, that you're likely feeling very overwhelmed trying to determine the best option. A polished concrete floor is an excellent option that you should consider using for your office, business, or home. To help you understand the various benefits associated with polished concrete flooring, we'll share 10 different reasons why you should choose it.

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First and foremost, having a polished concrete floor installed will cost less than installing other flooring options. Depending on the different designs and finishes you choose, you can have a concrete floor put in for less than $5.00 a square foot.




If you take care of your polished concrete floor, it will last for a very long time. It is possible for a polished concrete floor to last decades if it is re-polished every few years.


Visually Appealing


Polished concrete floors do not have to be a plain and boring gray color. There is a wide variety of color and texture options available for you to choose from. You can even opt to have a design or pattern added to your floor.


Environmentally Friendly


Many other flooring options consume a lot of natural resources during the production process. This is not the case for polished concrete floors. You can even choose to add some recycled materials, such as glass or metal shavings to your floors. This will not only help reduce waste, but it will also give your floor a unique look. 


Reduced Lighting Expenses


When you have a polished concrete floor installed, you can actually save some money on your lighting expenses. Polished concrete reflects light better than other types of flooring. This means that you'll need less lights, which will equal a reduced energy bill.


Safer WorkPlaces


Polished concrete is not as slippery as some other flooring options. This will help ensure the safety of you, your employees, or anyone else that comes to your place of work of home. Also, since polished concrete does such a good job reflecting light, there will be more light to help people make sure they don't accidentally trip over something.


(not as slippery as other options)


Easy to Clean


You'll be able to keep your polished concrete floors clean without too much stress or effort. It is important to clean polished concrete floors regularly to make sure that everything is removed from the surface of the floor and nothing gets through the seal.


Stain Resistant


Since polished concrete floors are sealed, they are more able to resist stains than some other products. When something like oil spills on a polished concrete floor, it isn't able to penetrate through the seal to stain the concrete underneath. This means that you'll be able to clean up spills without worrying about leaving an eyesore on your floor.


Easy to Maintain


Keeping your polished concrete floors at their prime requires less work than other types of floors do. Some important steps you'll want to take to maintain your new floors include removing dirt, dust, and other particles from your floor using a microfiber pad. You will also want to try to clean up spills and remove stains once they happen. This will prevent the stain from setting and will remove any harmful substances from the surface of your floor. When you clean your floors, use a mix of water and a non-abrasive cleaner. This article form Diamatic goes through more detailed steps of what you should do to maintain your polished concrete floors.


Better for Car Tires


Unlike some other surfaces, polished concrete is easier on tires. If you have a large warehouse where cars and trucks frequently drive in and out, polished concrete can help save you money by reducing the wear on the tires. Polished concrete is much smoother than other floors you'll typically find in warehouses, making it a better option for you to consider.


After reading the sections above, you can see that there are numerous reasons you should consider installing a polished concrete floor in your business, office, or basement. After seeing your new floor installed and enjoying the benefits of having a polished concrete surface, you'll wonder why you didn't have it done sooner. For more information on polished concrete floors and having one installed in your home or place of business, visit

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