Spring is here, and everyone is starting to see related ads in their social media. Outdoor furniture is just one of those products that comes around with a lot of sales and promotions on a seasonal basis. When you shop online you’re even more likely to come across some great patio furniture on sale. There is no need to feel guilty for buying new patio furniture of any of the below are true.

Not enough seating space

Are you finding yourself running out of seating space while entertaining? As your household expands and takes up more space on your patio, your current outdoor furniture sets may no longer be enough. You may not want to add to your current patio furniture if it has a unique pattern, hue, or texture that would be difficult to match.

People leave early.

If your guests seem to be leaving earlier and earlier, it might be because they are uncomfortable. Some people need a lot of support when sitting for long periods, and broken down patio furniture is their enemy. Replace your old set with new patio furniture designed with comfort in mind. Old frames are also more likely to break and cause injury.

Ugly finish.

Has the finish on your patio furniture started to fade? It doesn’t matter what material or color your outdoor furniture is made from, all of them fade or chip over time. While some furniture can be refurbished, it is usually just as inexpensive to purchase new patio furniture.

Warped legs

The legs will eventually warp on most patio furniture made with a wooden frame, and some plastic inexpensive outdoor furniture frames. Stability is compromised when the legs are uneven, and that can cause the chairs or tables to easily tip. Prevent safety hazards and messes by replacing warped furniture with something more durable.


Wood home furniture will eventually splinter if you don’t care for it properly, but when it comes to outdoor furniture it is inevitable. Wood patio furniture withstands a lot more abuse. Wind and sun dries out the wood, and eventually it will start to splinter and fade. One or two splinters isn’t a cause for concern, but you shouldn’t put off replacing it with new patio furniture.

Nowhere to host a barbeque

The backyard barbeque is the most popular summer activity away from the beach or poolside. Having comfortable outdoor furniture with plenty of seating and table space is a must if you want to entertain during the summer and early fall. Make sure you include small tables near the seats in addition to larger tables to hold food.

Nowhere to put your drinks.

Sometimes your patio furniture just doesn’t fit well with your new home. Small space patio furniture doesn’t allow for side tables, but it does allow room for built-in cup holders or ledges. You can get some very inexpensive but sleek outdoor furniture perfect for such occasions.


Even if none of these signs apply, the only real excuse you need to buy new outdoor furniture is a desire to redecorate!

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