10 Surprising Benefits of Bingo



Imagine people playing bingo. What does that picture look like? You are likely imagining a stuffy hall packed with senior citizens. Now, erase that from your head. Bingo can actually be played anywhere and has many surprising benefits for all age groups.


Whether you’re playing bingo in a hall or online, it’s a wonderful opportunity to socialize. The game is simple enough that conversation can flow between old or new friends while you play in a public place. That conversation can come more naturally since you are surrounded by people with a common interest and goal. If you play online, there is often the opportunity to socialize through chat rooms.


Children who need to learn hand-eye coordination and seniors who want to maintain theirs can benefit from playing bingo. The best players must be able to quickly cover numbers as they’re called out. Regularly finding numbers and placing chips on them can have a positive impact on coordination.


Bingo can be a fun way to help children and adults with their education. Traditional bingo is perfect for young ones learning their numbers. You could also make variations for other skills. Consider making a card with different colors, pictures, or a foreign language.


Playing bingo is a great way to release stress and relax. It’s an active enough activity to distract you from everyday problems. The format is also simple enough that it doesn’t cause any brain strain. Some people even enjoy the rhythmic sound of the ball cage.


A study found a surprising link between bingo and health. Seniors who participated in games were found to have shorter recovery times after sicknesses, injuries, and surgeries. Those faster healing times contributed to shorter hospital stays. The study also linked bingo to reduced levels of depression.


Long-term bingo play can improve your cognitive abilities. You must remain mentally alert while listening to the announcer. Compared to non-players, participants have been shown to have quicker mental speed and improved memory. Many even developed the ability to learn extra information from their environment.


For many, playing bingo has become a tradition. Maybe you and your best friend never miss a week at your local hall. Perhaps your family uses it as intergenerational bonding. You may become committed to playing bingo which helps build memories. Consider making bingo part of your routine.


The winner of bingo usually receives a prize. Often the prize is something small, but some halls give away luxury items like vacations. The thrill of winning keeps the game exciting. While the game is fun for any age, paying to play and receiving cash prizes does turn it into gambling. That means certain games may have age restrictions.


Bingo makes people happy, and the hall is often full of laughter. There’s a reason they say laughter is the best medicine. It releases endorphins that make you feel good, decrease stress, and increase your immune system. Additionally, laughter has been tied to better heart health and lower blood pressure.


There are many variations of bingo. That keeps it from becoming monotonous. Not only can you change what is on bingo cards, but you can also change how you mark the cards. Some cards are punchouts, while others must be marked with chips, pennies, or ink daubers. The winning layout can also be changed to keep players on their toes. You can play diagonals, four corners, blackout, and more.

Bingo is a simple game with more benefits than you may have ever realized. Whether you’re looking for a new activity for you or your loved ones, give bingo a try.