June is coming and you don't want to miss out on all the fun things that there are to do and see in South Carolina. This is a list of 10 things you must do over the month of June.

1. Go to the Spartanburg County Fair

The Spartanburg County Fair is a great way to spend time with your family this June, and you won't have to travel far! The fair will be held at the Wofford College campus from June 6th through the 21st.

The fair features rides, games, food vendors, live entertainment, and more. There are also plenty of activities for kids to do including crafts, face painting, live animals, and pony rides. You can even get your face painted at the fair!

There are many local bands performing at the fair including The High Rollers Band, The James Traylor Band and more! There's also a fireworks show on Friday night that you won't want to miss!

2. Tour a plantation

 This June, make your way to South Carolina's premier plantations.

The historic plantations of South Carolina have a long and storied history. They date back to the early 1700s, when they were first established by wealthy British colonists. The plantations were built by slaves from Africa and the Caribbean who were shipped over on slave ships.

The plantations were often worked by hundreds of slaves, who made them profitable for their owners. These slaves were often treated with cruelty and violence, which led to rebellions throughout the region.

Today, many of these historic sites are open to visitors and offer a glimpse into what life was like at these plantations during their heyday as well as in modern times.

3. Visit the Charleston Museum

The Charleston Museum is a must-see attraction in the South Carolina city. It’s the largest museum in the state, and it features exhibits on natural history, history, art, and science. Visitors can explore the museum's permanent exhibits and its rotating exhibitions. The rotating exhibitions change every six months and include topics like Civil War history and African American history. There are also special exhibits throughout the year that focus on topics like dinosaurs, space travel, and more.

The museum has over 1 million artifacts including fossils, animal specimens, minerals, artwork and more. There are also several hands-on exhibits for kids to enjoy! If you're looking for something fun to do in Charleston this June then consider visiting this museum!

4. See a show at Spoleto Festival USA

If you're looking for things to do this June in South Carolina, why not head to the Spoleto Festival USA? This annual celebration of arts and culture brings together artists from all over the world to showcase their talents. From music and dance performances to plays and musicals, there's something for everyone at this festival.

The festival has been going on since 1977 and takes place in Charleston, SC. This year's event runs from May 26th through June 22nd and features an amazing lineup of artists including Stephen Sondheim (Broadway composer), The Red Clay Ramblers (bluegrass band), The Vienna Boys Choir (choir) and many more. The festival also includes a variety of other events: art exhibitions, lectures/discussions/workshops related to various aspects of art/culture/history, as well as tours of various sites around Charleston where you can learn more about what makes it such a unique place!

5. Take a road trip to Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is an absolutely gorgeous place with a ton of fun activities and attractions! It's also one of the most popular beach towns in America, so if you're looking for a vacation spot with lots of things going on all year round, this is the place for you.

The water is warm enough for swimming during the summer months (May through September), but there are plenty of other things to do as well. 

You can spend a day exploring the shops downtown or playing some mini golf in one of the many amusement parks nearby. You can also visit Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum and see some strange things like a 23-foot long swordfish (which was caught in South Carolina!).

6. See a play at Theatre Columbia

Theatre Columbia is a community theatre that offers a wide variety of plays and musicals for the whole family. From “The Lion King” to “Disney's Beauty and the Beast”, you can experience all your favorite stories live onstage in Columbia.

Theatre Columbia has been in operation since 1975, but they have been producing quality productions since 1973. Their mission statement is to create “a safe environment where everyone can be themselves.” They believe that “each person has the right to express themselves through art and expression.”

Theatre Columbia offers several different types of shows each year including musicals, dramas, comedies, and children's shows. Their goal is to bring joy into people's lives while providing an outlet for their creative talents. They also give students who are interested in acting or stage management hands-on experience through their youth program which teaches them how to run a show from start to finish!

7. Visit The Citadel and Military College of South Carolina

The Citadel and Military College of South Carolina is the perfect place to visit this June. The school is located in Charleston, SC and offers a variety of degree programs and activities.

The Citadel was founded in 1842 as a military college with the goal of providing education to young men who were interested in becoming officers. It was originally called The Military College of South Carolina, but in 1996 it was renamed after its primary building, which is now known as “the Citadel.”

Today, The Citadel offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs in engineering, business administration, math and computer science, and liberal arts. Students can also choose from a variety of extracurricular activities including sports teams such as football, basketball and soccer; clubs like the Society for Creative Anachronism and Habitat for Humanity; religious organizations like Alpha Tau Omega fraternity or Chi Epsilon honor society; or even the marching band!

With so many options at your fingertips you'll never get bored while studying at this unique college. If you're looking for something new then consider visiting this beautiful state during your summer break!

8. Go hiking in the Sumter National Forest and Francis Marion National Forest

The state's natural beauty has been preserved for all to enjoy, but it's still important to respect the land so it stays that way.

Go hiking in one of two national forests: Sumter National Forest and Francis Marion National Forest. You'll find dozens of trails to hike on, from easy walks through old growth forest to challenging climbs up sand dunes or up steeper inclines.

You'll also find camping sites along the trails where you can stay overnight and enjoy the fresh air before heading back home for work on Monday morning!

9. Take a tour of the BMW Manufacturing Plant in Greer, SC

The BMW Manufacturing Plant in Greer, South Carolina is the only car manufacturing plant in the United States that produces all of its vehicles within one plant. The plant employs over 9,000 people and has been building vehicles since 1994.

The tour is free of charge and lasts approximately two hours. It follows the path that cars take through the factory—from design to assembly to testing to delivery. The tour also includes an introduction to BMW's sustainability efforts and an overview of how exactly a car gets made.

10. Visit Bluffton, SC

The town of Bluffton is a vacationer's paradise. Located on the coast of South Carolina, Bluffton offers a variety of things to do and see. From beautiful beaches and parks to historic buildings and delicious seafood restaurants, there's something for everyone in Bluffton! If you're looking for things to do in South Carolina this June, then we've got some great suggestions!

For nature lovers, there are many gorgeous parks in Bluffton that offer beautiful views of the ocean as well as walking trails through lush forests. The park at Shelter Cove offers an amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean and has a playground so your children can enjoy themselves while you enjoy the scenery. 

For those who love history and architecture, visit the Old Towne Village where you can walk through old buildings from days gone by or take a tour through Fort Cooper which has been preserved since 1843 when it was built by Union troops during the Civil War. You can also walk along The Strand which is one of America's most beautiful coastal drives with stunning views everywhere you look!

So, pick up that travel guide and get planning because these ten South Carolina events are not to be missed! They will fill your days with plenty of adventure and excitement, relaxation and entertainment.

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